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Hands-Free Umbrella Holder

Hands-Free Umbrella Holder

Do you ever wish you had another hand to hold that umbrella? With this handy device, you don't need it!

Now you can stay dry when you're out in the rain - or keep cool and shield your skin on hot summer days - and still leave your hands free to use binoculars at ball games, pick up your child, steer the lawn mower, hold a fishing rod, or read a book at the beach.

The Freedom Hands-Free Umbrella Holder keeps your umbrella securely at your back, out of the way of your activities, protecting you from the elements. The holder, worn over the shoulders and clipping around the waist, has a pocket at the waistline that receives the umbrella handle. A stabilizing Velcro hook & loop prevents the umbrella from turning or blowing away, and a second hook & loop at the neckline further secures it in place.

Great for everyone who spends time outdoors, the Freedom Hands-Free Umbrella Holder is especially helpful for wheelchair, cane and crutch users, the elderly, and parents of young children who always have their hands full!

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