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Communicability or being contagious is a limitation that is associated wit a variety of conditions. The terms “communicable,” and “contagious” are used to refer to diseases that can be transmitted to others through person to person contact or by handling items contaminated with an agent that causes a transmissible disease. These terms are also sometimes used to describe a person, or animal who has or is a carrier for such a disease. Examples of conditions that are contagious might include the flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or another type of virus. Certain blood disorders and respiratory impairments can also be contagious. Various infections like staph, MRSA, and sepsis may also be associated with contagions. 


Common policy modification accommodations include modifications to leave, no-animal, dress code, and fragrance policies. For example, an attendance policy can be modified so that the absences related to seizures will not count against the employee.