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Do you want to save money and time spent on travel but still have a strong presence at a remote location?  The AMY telepresence robot, from AMY Robotics, is a very helpful (and friendly) telepresence robot.  The AMY A1 provides telepresence, obstacle avoidance, intelligent recharging and many other features.  Speech recognition? Yes!  In fact, the AMY robot can even interact with your speech.  Have a question?  AMY will likely have the answer; all you need to do is to ask her!   The AMY A1 robot even includes autonomous nagivation, autonomous map building, and auto-charging features.  Interested in a telepresence robot that includes face recognition?  Coming soon!  AMY is currently being worked on to provide this feature, so you may be able to see glimpses of the beta stage of the process. 

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8357 N. Rampart Range Road, Unit 106 #108
Roxborough, CO 80125

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