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BotEyes - Pad

BotEyes - Pad

The BotEyes - Pad is a telepresence robot requiring you to supply your own tablet or smartphone, which you will attach to the robot to act as it's eyes, ears, and mouth, the tablet can tilt a total of 120 degrees to provide plenty of vision below or above the actual height of the robot.  Any tablet or smartphone 4"-11" can be attached to the BotEyes, whether it has an Android, iOS (Apple), or Windows operating system.   You can use any video conferencing app for the video communication. A few options include: Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook's Messenger app, Google Duo, Line, FaceTime, and more.  

For PC users, you can use any web browser to control the BotEyes robot, and you can navigate, simply, by using either the arrows on your keyboard or your mouse.  

At it's location, the BotEyes acts as your 'double' in that it is a physical (not exact, of course) representation of you.  You see and hear most of what you would see and hear as if you were there in person, as you can drive the robot around and look at whatever you wish to look, with the ability to control the speed of the robot  Using the tablets speakers and microphone you interact with people who are at the robots location.  

  • Save money and hassle on travel
  • Visit friends and loved ones more often, and in an instant
  • Check in on pets or your home to make sure all is in order
  • Work from home while still maintaining a strong presence in the office
  • Check out the layouts of a distant warehouse or view a product without needing to be there in person
  • Monitor outpatients at their homes, or perform rounds at your hospital from your home office or elsewhere
  • Any instance where you wish to be at a remote location in an instance, but still have control over what you see and hear

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