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Overview is a company based in Colorado, U.S.A. with a passion for telepresence robotics.  We are a one-stop, comparison-based site for telepresence robots with the goal of providing you comprehensive, accurate, and non-biased information regarding all robots on the market.  Providing you with multiple telepresence robot options helps you establish a basis for comparison. We provide you with the information you need to make the most informed decision regarding which telepresence robot(s) to purchase for your hospital, school, university, business, or home. 



Do you want to save money and time spent on travel but still have a strong presence at a remote location?  The AMY telepresence robot, from AMY Robotics, is a very helpful (and friendly) telepresence robot.  The AMY A1 provides telepresence, obstacle avoidance, intelligent recharging and many other features.  Speech recognition? Yes!  In fact, the AMY robot can even interact with your speech.  Have a question?  AMY will likely have the answer; all you need to do is to ask her!   The AMY A1 robot even includes autonomous nagivation, autonomous map building, and auto-charging features.  Interested in a telepresence robot that includes face recognition?  Coming soon!  AMY is currently being worked on to provide this feature, so you may be able to see glimpses of the beta stage of the process. 

Ava 500

re you looking to save money on travel and have greater flexibility in your work?

CEOs and other business executives are saving thousands of dollars each year by employing the Ava 500 business telepresence robot.

The Ava 500 provides a more commanding presence when you are unable to attend a remote conference, meeting, or lecture, or to meet with workers at a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or training facility.  Telepresence enables you to save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours per year that would otherwise be spent on flights, hotels, and related travel expenses.

BotEyes - Pad

The BotEyes - Pad is a telepresence robot requiring you to supply your own tablet or smartphone, which you will attach to the robot to act as it's eyes, ears, and mouth, the tablet can tilt a total of 120 degrees to provide plenty of vision below or above the actual height of the robot.  Any tablet or smartphone 4"-11" can be attached to the BotEyes, whether it has an Android, iOS (Apple), or Windows operating system.   You can use any video conferencing app for the video communication. A few options include: Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook's Messenger app, Google Duo, Line, FaceTime, and more.  

For PC users, you can use any web browser to control the BotEyes robot, and you can navigate, simply, by using either the arrows on your keyboard or your mouse.  

At it's location, the BotEyes acts as your 'double' in that it is a physical (not exact, of course) representation of you.  You see and hear most of what you would see and hear as if you were there in person, as you can drive the robot around and look at whatever you wish to look, with the ability to control the speed of the robot  Using the tablets speakers and microphone you interact with people who are at the robots location.  

  • Save money and hassle on travel
  • Visit friends and loved ones more often, and in an instant
  • Check in on pets or your home to make sure all is in order
  • Work from home while still maintaining a strong presence in the office
  • Check out the layouts of a distant warehouse or view a product without needing to be there in person
  • Monitor outpatients at their homes, or perform rounds at your hospital from your home office or elsewhere
  • Any instance where you wish to be at a remote location in an instance, but still have control over what you see and hear

Ohmni SuperCam

The Ohmni telepresence robot, assembled in the U.S.A., lets you have an efficient, instant presence where you need to be; saving you time and energy and money.   Whether you need to check up on and spend more time with elderly family members, view your remote warehouse, visit friends from across the globe, or attend business meetings without traveling, an Ohmni at the location you need provides you with a physical presence and total control over what you see and hear.  And the 10.8" screen and included speaker lets your coworkers and other loved ones see and hear YOU.  Ohmni's use of inhouse 3D printers allows large savings to be passed onto the customer.

The Ohmni Supercam includes a 4K, 13 MP High-Resolution camera to provide zoomable content to aid in the classroom or office when viewing whiteboards, desks, or similar situations.  The video quality is the same as the original Ohmni robot, but the SuperCam is able to take those high-resolution images to zoom in for greater detail.

PadBot P2

The PadBot P2 telepresence robot has as its main highlight the ability to be folded for easy storage and portability.  In addition to its foldability, the PadBot P2 features a 10" HD screen, upgraded hardware and software, and a sleek, metallic look and design, providing a more polished and professional look than that of its predecessor.  

The PadBot P2 robot includes all the features found in the the Padbot P1.  The Padbot P2 still includes obstacle detection, collision avoidance, and an anti-falling system for security and safety while driving. 

The P2, however, is taller than the Padbot P1, standing at about 3'7" tall (1.1 meters), about 10cm taller than the P1.

The Chinese version of the P2 adds facial recognition and face-tracking features, as well as the ability to 'wake up' when a human approaches, which is a great feature for businesses who wish to use the PadBot to greet and assist customers.  Unfortunately, these features are unavailable to US customers. However, please email us if you are based in the US but would like to purchase one of these units.

The PadBot telepresence robots are manufactured in China and, when we are unable help, customer service is supplied from there. 

Additionally, PadBot can currently only be controlled using smartphones or tablets (no PC controllability at this time). 


VGo Robotic Telepresence System with embedded WiFi for education and special home applications.

  • 48” Tall x 13” W x 15” D
  • Optional 60” tall
  • Shipping box is 41″ x 16″ x 16″
  • Total shipping weight is 31 pounds
  • Independent dual motorized drives
  • 0 to 3.7 ft/sec variable speed
  • Obstacle and stair detection
  • 2MP tilting camera
  • H.264 30 up to fps video codec
  • 8khz Hi fidelity audio codec
  • 6” LCD display
  • 5X no loss Zoom
  • 4 microphone array, 360o pick-up
  • Woofer and tweeter speakers
  • Echo and Noise Cancellation
  • Integrated touchpad user controls
  • Speech processor
  • AES & TLS encryption for security
  • Embedded 802.11 WiFi
  • Customizable stand-by images
  • Free VGo App downloads for Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone
  • Optional Auto-docking for battery re-charging
  • Optional hand held remote control

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