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A longer battery life, larger screen, faster speed, taller profile, beefier construction – BeamPro is designed especially for enterprise needs so you can get the job done in environments from healthcare and high-tech to manufacturing and education.

The larger 17-inch screen gives you more of that present-in-the-room feel. View documents, products, colleagues, or patients with greater precision and perspective.

BeamPro’s eight-hour battery life provides the fuel busy people need to work and connect. Recharging is even easier with the auto-dock feature.

Six microphones are used and a high-fidelity speaker to create a custom-engineered acoustic system on the BeamPro. With its high-end technology, you’ll hear clear, natural sound with a human quality

  • Height: 62.5in (158.7cm) 
  • Width: 20in (50.8cm) 
  • Depth: 26in (66cm) 
  • Weight: 90lb (40.8kg)

More Information:

Suitable Technologies, Inc

921 E Charleston Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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