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Stuttering Speech Disfluency

Stuttering is a type of fluency disorder in which the flow of an individual’s speech is interrupted by repetitions, prolongations, or periods where no sound is produced during the person’s effort to communicate.  The person may also exhibit unusual facial and body movements while trying to speak.  The frequency of these symptoms may vary depending on the setting, means of communication (telephone vs face to face) and complexity of what the person wants to say.


Employees who experience limitations in concentration may need a flexible schedule in order to work optimally during hours of increased attentiveness. Flexible schedules can also be used to have a period of mental rest in order to refocus and reorient into his/her work. Examples of a flexible schedule would be adjusting starting and ending times of the workday, combining regularly scheduled breaks to create one extended break or dividing large breaks into smaller segments, and allowing work to be completed during hours when the employee is most mentally alert.