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Casa Futura Technologies

Casa Futura Technologies

720 31st St
Boulder, CO 80303

Fax: (720) 217-6589


 Casa Futura Technologies is the leading manufacturer of technology for treating stuttering and the speech disorders associated with Parkinson’s disease.Provides anti-stuttering technology, solutions and resources,primarily delayed auditory feedback devices.


Basic Fluency System

The Basic Fluency System provides two or three types of altered auditory feedback (AAF).

  • Delayed auditory feedback (DAF) immediately reduces stuttering about 70% at normal speaking rates without training, mental effort, or abnormal-sounding or abnormally slow speech. 55% carryover fluency after removing the device, without speech therapy. With speech therapy, DAF can induce a slower speaking rate with stretched vowels to make even severe stutterers nearly 100% fluent.
  • Pitch-shifting frequency-shifted auditory feedback (FAF) immediately reduces stuttering about 70% at normal speaking rates and induces speech motor changes in stutterers. Only Casa Futura Technologies stuttering treatment devices have octave-scale FAF downshifting (pitch shifting). Combining DAF and FAF increases effectiveness.
  • Optional ($25 additional) manual sine wave masking auditory feedback (MAF) pulls stutterers out of silent blocks at the touch of a button.


MPiStutter supports Modifying Phonation Intervals (MPI) stuttering therapy. It analyzes the user’s vocal fold activity and trains him or her to eliminate too-rapid speech elements and to speak fluently at a normal speaking rate.

MPiStutter requires training with a speech-language pathologist, but after that MPiStutter can be used without the presence of a speech-language pathologist. The app is uniquely suited to parents doing therapy practice with their child at home, or adults practicing speech therapy outside of the speech clinic.


The Smalltalk immediately reduces stuttering, while training you to no longer need the device. It’s the world’s smallest DAF/FAF anti-stuttering device, and now includes Bluetooth wireless technology.

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