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Adult Mealtime Terry Cloth Bib

Adult Mealtime Bibs allow for neater, more comfortable mealtimes. Made of soft terry cloth, these bibs cover a large area for effective protection, cutting down on laundry and clothing changes. Hook and loop closures at the neck opening make putting on and taking off the Adult Mealtime Bib easy. Both styles are reinforced with cotton binding and safe to machine wash/dry. Adult Mealtime Bibs are 90% cotton/10% polyester terry cloth, are machine washable, and meet compliance law standards.

Product Benefits:

  • Protects against spills
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Covers a large area for effective protection


Perfect for treating arthritis and for post-surgical exercise. The lightweight, velvety texture is the result of a unique composition that makes it less oily than other putties. Won't stick to skin or under fingernails. Achiev Air-Putty® maintains resistance while pinching and squeezing. Sold by volume, not weight. U.S. Patent 5,6079,993.

Braille Compass

This unique invention was designed in cooperation with organizations for the blind in the USA, Sweden, and Canada to help the visually impaired find directions. This braille compass is also useful for night navigation during low-light and no-light maneuvers.

Braille Dice

Braille Dice are oversized dice with raised black dots, which can be felt by low-vision or blind users, and easily seen by sighted users. The Braille Dice are sold in packages containing four sets of two, for a total of eight.

Clarity Rio Portable Electronic Magnifier

The Clarity Rio Portable Electronic Magnifier is a self-contained tool that combines a video magnification camera with a high-contrast LCD screen to magnify text and images. Low-vision users or people who need to see details will appreciate the Clarity Rio Portable Electronic Magnifier at home, at work, or while traveling. The included AC adapter can be plugged into an ordinary outlet to charge the Clarity Rio Portable Electronic Magnifier's batteries.

  • 10x to 18x magnification range
  •  7-inch color widescreen LCD
  •  5 hi-contrast variable-color viewing modes
  •  5 hrs battery life with included AC charger
  •  Portable & lightweight at 1.5 lbs

Coolture Cooling Vest

 The Coolture™ Cooling Vest offers those with chronic illness such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and COPD the ability to enjoy outdoor activities in warmer weather. Constructed of athletic performance fabric and a high-tech silver lining, the Coolture™ Cooling Vest keeps you cool using Coolture Coolpaks™, an alternative to ice and gel packs that last longer and are lightweight. The Coolture™ Cooling Vest lets you get back to being you. Non-toxic and non-staining Coolture Coolpaks™ offer cooling over a period of hours, will not make you feel or look wet and are reusable for up to a year with moderate use. Finally, the patent-pending Coolture Weightless Belt™ moves the burden of weight away from your shoulders. Good for you and good for the environment, the Coolture™ Cooling Vest is the couture of the cooling apparel industry. Vests are available in three sizes, include two sets of Coolture CoolPaks™ and weigh a mere 1¾ to 4½ pounds depending on size. Let Coolture™ Cooling Vest define you as a person not a patient.

Etac Easy Cut Safety Cutting Board

The Etac Cut Safety Cutting Board features six rubber feet along the bottom to keep the board in place throughout the entire cooking process. Two rounded knife guides channel the sawing motion to the proper position to ensure an even cut, and are adjustable to ensure the proper thickness for the task at hand. The board can accommodate foods from full bread loaves to tiny cherry tomatoes, making it perfect for any meal, any time. The polystyrene material is easy to clean, lightweight, and takes up minimal space when not in use.

Product Benefits:

  • Lightweight polystyrene for hassle-free cleaning between uses
  • Lined with rubber feet for added traction to prevent slipping during use
  • Rounded knife guides to keep knives of all sizes properly positioned for optimal cuts
  • Suitable for a variety of foods to assist with preparation for any meal
  • Adjustable to accommodate different cut thicknesses, knives, and food sizes

Etac Fix One Handed Cutting Board

The multi-functional Fix Preparation Board for One-handed use can make any kitchen task simpler and safer. The vise aides in gripping food to be peeled or sliced, or even a large mixing bowl can be held in place securely. Large rubber suction feet keep the board firmly atop your counters.

Product Benefits:

  • Board aids people with only one hand or limited dexterity or hand and arm strength
  • Ball on the handle is easy to grip for vise placement and securing
  • Vice holds food in place for peeling or slicing or bowls for mixing
  • Spikes are stainless steel for a strong sturdy hold while slicing
  • Rubber feet keep the board from shifting or sliding

Folding Arm Sling Frame

The Folding Arm Sling Frame is a Mobile Arm Support (MAS) intended for use with the Suspension Mobile Arm Support, or the Suspension Sling, sold separately. The Folding Arm Sling Frame can be slid under a wheelchair, chair, or bed, and can easily be rolled where needed or folded for storage.

Hi-Lo Changing Table with Side Rails

The Armedica Hi Lo Changing Table with Side Rails can be lowered to 18 in. above the floor, making transfers much easier and eliminating caregivers' back strain. Vertical height lifting range for the table is: 18" to 37". (if a modification is chosen to accommodate Hoyer lifts, the table will go no lower than 22-23 in.) Side rails pivot down allowing for easy access to the patient. Choose Armedica Hi Lo Changing Table with Side Rails in the options listed below.

Hydraulic Hoyer Classic Pool Lift

For those with limited mobility, the Hydraulic Hoyer Pool Lift from Joerns is designed to assist with gaining access to quality aquatic therapy. Supporting up to 400 pounds, it includes a durable mesh sling (112-D) and a stainless steel painted frame. Relying on hydraulic power, this pool lift can swivel 360 degrees, providing a greater range of accessibility. Either the cement sleeve or surface mount pool adapter is required for proper installation of the Hoyer Pool Lift.

Infinity Adjustable Mobile Changing Table

The Infinity Mobile Changing Table is an innovative motorized therapy table and mobile changer that is well padded and features a tough, easy-to-clean vinyl cover. A safety strap and adjustable side panels that lock in place are included to keep the patient safely on the table for added peace of mind. The table can be raised or lowered as needed by simply pressing a foot switch and features locking casters for added stability and safety.

Jumbo Talking Calculator

The Jumbo Low Vision Talking Calculator is made for people with low-vision issues. The large, high-contrast digits are always easy to find, and the calcuator itself can never be lost because it is larger than a standard sheet of paper. The screen features bold numbers, and the speaker on the front allows the numbers spoken when the Jumbo Low Vision Talking Calculator's keys are pressed to be heard clearly.


Linido Hinged Bathroom Arm Supports

The Hinged Arm Support is a firm support that can be used during transfers or when helping a patient get up or sit down. In the upright position, it locks automatically. Five different lengths are available. The Hinged Arm Support comes with a plastic wall plate and is constructed from powder-coated steel.

Pant Clip

Ideal for children learning to dress themselves or those with limited mobility. This simple but effective 3" (8 cm) clip attaches to pants and an upper garment while seated, then holds pants up as you stand erect. Cord adjusts for height by simply tying a knot. Latex free.

Plextalk Pocket DAISY Player PTP1

The PlexTalk Pocket DAISY Player PTP1 is the world's first true crossover media player with a host of applications, and comes packed with features that support unsurpassed accessibility for people with sight problems or learning difficulties.

Designed for use by individuals in business and education fields, this lightweight, pocket-sized, DAISY-compliant music, voice, and book player/recorder offers revolutionary mobility and ease of use! With a more useful recording feature than IC recorders, The PlexTalk Pocket DAISY Player PTP1 is much more than just a music player. It features a high quality built-in microphone for easy DAISY structured voice recording, and voice memo recording capability to help you remember telephone numbers, appointments, To Do lists, etc. An additional built-in large speaker lets you playback voice recordings, voice memos, DAISY audio books, text-based DAISY books and MP3's. Playback can be accessed from the External USB Drive, as well as using the Embedded Text-To-Speech Engine.

Pouring Cups Kitchen Gadget

The Pouring Cups Kitchen Gadget can be used to easily pour liquids, sand, flour, or other ingredients into whichever container you wish, and is excellent for use in sandbox play or in cooking. The Pouring Cups Kitchen Gadget is available on a stand or on a flexible gooseneck mount that can be easily attached to flat surfaces.

  • Stand provides even controlled pouring for measuring and mixing
  • Stand and mount are lightweight for easy portability and positioning
  • Flexible gooseneck mount allows the cups to reach over bowls for pouring
  • Both options have small footprints to not impede on counter or table surfaces
  • Allows users to participate in meal preparation or experiments with capability switches

Pressalit Care 1000 Changing Table

The Pressalit Care 1000 Changing Table is wall mounted and easily folds to save space. Choose from child or adult models, with both available in a fixed-height or adjustable height models that accommodate user and caregiver ergonomics. The 330 lb. weight capacity child and adult changing table uses pneumatic cylinders to ensure a quiet and smooth operation. For disabled and elderly patients, the Adjustable Height Pressalit Care 1000 Changing Table can be lowered and raised for safe transfers and minimization of fall risk. For a second layer of security, safety rails can be added or purchased with the table.

Uccello Easy-Pour Electric Kettle

Drive's Uccello Kettle is a modernly stylish black and white kettle that assists those who have difficulty pouring. Designed with a stable base that holds the kettle in place, the black and white kettle can be tilted with one hand to safely pour. A built-in stainless steel heating element allows for safely warming directly on the base, without having to use a stove. Made with a larger opening, the adapted kettle is easy to clean, pour, and fill. A uniquely shaped ergonomic handle makes taking the kettle on and off the base to optionally pour or fill easy as well. The 1.5 liter kettle comes with a removable filter and water level indicator.

  • Safely heats on a built-in stainless steel heating element
  • Includes a removable anti-scale filter that is easy to clean
  • Can be taken off a removable non-slip base to fill and pour while holding
  • Features an ergonomic handle that makes pouring and holding safe and easy
  • Accommodates those with lack of mobility in the hands and fingers using a base that easily tilts to pour

Waterproof Nonslip Cutting Board with Food-Holding Spikes

The Waterproof Nonslip Cutting Board with Food-Holding Spikes is the perfect addition to any kitchen, but is ideally engineered to help users who have difficulty with slippery cutting boards and food moving around during kitchen prep. Aluminum spikes hold food securely in place as you chop, while four rubber suction feet ensures the board itself stays perfectly stable, anchoring it to your countertop. This uniquely designed cutting board is durable and dishwasher friendly, ensuring it becomes your go-to choice for food prep for years to come.

Product Benefits:

  • Aluminum spikes hold food firmly in place while cutting.
  • Rounded edges make this board sleek and easier to clean.
  • Polyethylene food guards prevent food from sliding off the board.
  • Durable construction is dishwasher safe for years of easy, reliable use.
  • Rubber suction feet anchor the board to your countertop for stable prep.

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