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Uccello Easy-Pour Electric Kettle

Uccello Easy-Pour Electric Kettle

Drive's Uccello Kettle is a modernly stylish black and white kettle that assists those who have difficulty pouring. Designed with a stable base that holds the kettle in place, the black and white kettle can be tilted with one hand to safely pour. A built-in stainless steel heating element allows for safely warming directly on the base, without having to use a stove. Made with a larger opening, the adapted kettle is easy to clean, pour, and fill. A uniquely shaped ergonomic handle makes taking the kettle on and off the base to optionally pour or fill easy as well. The 1.5 liter kettle comes with a removable filter and water level indicator.

  • Safely heats on a built-in stainless steel heating element
  • Includes a removable anti-scale filter that is easy to clean
  • Can be taken off a removable non-slip base to fill and pour while holding
  • Features an ergonomic handle that makes pouring and holding safe and easy
  • Accommodates those with lack of mobility in the hands and fingers using a base that easily tilts to pour

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