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Etac Easy Cut Safety Cutting Board

Etac Easy Cut Safety Cutting Board

The Etac Cut Safety Cutting Board features six rubber feet along the bottom to keep the board in place throughout the entire cooking process. Two rounded knife guides channel the sawing motion to the proper position to ensure an even cut, and are adjustable to ensure the proper thickness for the task at hand. The board can accommodate foods from full bread loaves to tiny cherry tomatoes, making it perfect for any meal, any time. The polystyrene material is easy to clean, lightweight, and takes up minimal space when not in use.

Product Benefits:

  • Lightweight polystyrene for hassle-free cleaning between uses
  • Lined with rubber feet for added traction to prevent slipping during use
  • Rounded knife guides to keep knives of all sizes properly positioned for optimal cuts
  • Suitable for a variety of foods to assist with preparation for any meal
  • Adjustable to accommodate different cut thicknesses, knives, and food sizes

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