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Lift Products, Inc.

Lift Products, Inc.


Guardian Lift Table

The Guardian Series represents the ultimate in lift table safety with features that are optional or not available on other lift tables.

Guardian Series lift tables are designed as a work station to provide improved ergonomic conditions to ensure the health, safety and comfort of the operator together with improved productivity.

Guardian Lift-N-Spin

With a lowered height of only 4.25", The Lift-N-Spin can be loaded with a manual or electric pallet truck. This is accomplished by the exclusive auto-transition plate which provides a smooth surface from the ramp onto the rotating top. Once the lift is raised 1/4" the plate automatically lowers to allow the spinning of the rotating top. When the table is fully lowered, the plate automatically raises again to provide a smooth surface to load the next pallet.

The Lift-N-Spin has a raised height of 35" providing an ideal height for work positioning applications. The rotating top avoids the need to walk around or reach across.

Max-Lift-XL Tables

The Max-Lift-XL lift table doesn't have just a few more thousand pound capacity than the standard Max-Lift, it was completely reengineered from the ground up to create the most rugged lift possible for extra heavy duty industrial applications.

The base frame and platform are taller as a result of the larger rollers used. The upper rollers feature a roller bridge plate for added structural stability. Thicker steel is used in both the platform top as well as the uniquely shaped scissor arms. 5" bore double clavis mounted cylinders keep the hydraulic pressure low enabling internal mounting of the 3 HP power unit.

Moto-Cart Electric Platform Truck

The Moto-Cart is a battery operated self-propelled electric platform truck. It can be used almost anywhere equipment and supplies have to be moved.

This unique cart increases productivity and reduces injuries caused by pushing and pulling ordinary non-powered carts. This flexible vehicle can travel over carpeting, tile or any hard surface, and go in and out of elevators.

The Moto-Cart's center transaxle drive system allows the cart to easily rotate. It has a capacity of 1,500 lbs. on a level surface and can handle 1,000 lbs. on a 6° incline. It can travel up to 10 miles on a charge.

Moto-Cart Jr.

The Moto-Cart Jr. is an economical solution to electric cart applications. Designed as a more basic model than the standard Moto-Cart, this cart still offers Transaxle drive and advanced roller grip controls.

One major difference between the Moto-Cart Jr. and Moto-Cart is that it features a front wheel transaxle drive versus the center wheel drive on the standard Moto-Cart. While the front wheel drive does increase the turning radius of the unit, it also allows for improved incline performance and can be used in applications with inclines up to 8°

The 4-Wheel Moto-Cart Jr. comes in two popular sizes and has a 1,100 lb capacity. The maintenance free batteries are rechargeable with an remote onboard charger that runs on standard 115 voltage.


Moto-Cart Jr. MLT

The Moto-Cart Jr. is an economic solution for electric cart applications. It offers a transaxle drive and advanced roller grip controls. The 4-Wheel Moto-Cart Jr. has maintenance free batteries that are rechargeable with an automatic charger that runs on standard 115 voltage.

Operation of the drive system is very quiet and can be used in a wide variety of environments including office space. The pneumatic drive tires are gentle on carpet, tile and wood floors while the rear poly casters are non-marking. While the MCJR-MLT is easy to maneuver, it is not recommended for use in extremely tight spaces due to its front wheel drive system.

The MCJR-MLT features a foot pump which easily raises the platform to a convenient work height. The manual positioning of the platform height is recommended for applications where the full vertical stroke is occasionally required or small minor adjustments are needed. To lower the platform, simply push the release lever.


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