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Moto-Cart Jr.

Moto-Cart Jr.

The Moto-Cart Jr. is an economical solution to electric cart applications. Designed as a more basic model than the standard Moto-Cart, this cart still offers Transaxle drive and advanced roller grip controls.

One major difference between the Moto-Cart Jr. and Moto-Cart is that it features a front wheel transaxle drive versus the center wheel drive on the standard Moto-Cart. While the front wheel drive does increase the turning radius of the unit, it also allows for improved incline performance and can be used in applications with inclines up to 8°

The 4-Wheel Moto-Cart Jr. comes in two popular sizes and has a 1,100 lb capacity. The maintenance free batteries are rechargeable with an remote onboard charger that runs on standard 115 voltage.


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