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Moto-Cart Jr. MLT

Moto-Cart Jr. MLT

The Moto-Cart Jr. is an economic solution for electric cart applications. It offers a transaxle drive and advanced roller grip controls. The 4-Wheel Moto-Cart Jr. has maintenance free batteries that are rechargeable with an automatic charger that runs on standard 115 voltage.

Operation of the drive system is very quiet and can be used in a wide variety of environments including office space. The pneumatic drive tires are gentle on carpet, tile and wood floors while the rear poly casters are non-marking. While the MCJR-MLT is easy to maneuver, it is not recommended for use in extremely tight spaces due to its front wheel drive system.

The MCJR-MLT features a foot pump which easily raises the platform to a convenient work height. The manual positioning of the platform height is recommended for applications where the full vertical stroke is occasionally required or small minor adjustments are needed. To lower the platform, simply push the release lever.


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