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Just Walkers provides premium products throughout the United States for people of all ages looking for the best mobility products for the lowest price. We understand the importance of choosing the perfect walking aid to fit your needs. With this in mind, we offer only the best mobility products, parts, and accessories including detailed information about each product to help you with your decision.


Comodita Prima Heavy Duty Rolling Walker

The Comodita Prima Heavy Duty Rolling Walker is designed to be one of the sturdiest, safest and long­lasting walkers available. The back wheels are wider than the front wheels, allowing for extra room for the feet to move, but still slender enough to pass through doorways 27” or wider. The extra­large 8 inch rubber tires provide superior grip when the brakes are applied, even on tile or wood surfaces. They move easily outdoors, even on crushed rock or uneven terrain. The walker fits anyone 6’4” or less and there is no wobbling in the handles, even if fully extended. The sturdy seat provides a comfortable resting spot or a flat carrying surface and can be lifted to reveal a large storage pouch. This is the perfect walker for anyone with stability issues, who is looking for a sturdy high quality product to safely support their full weight, up to 400 pounds. This walker weighs 20.5 pounds and does require a full size trunk for transport.

Drive Duet Rollator/Transport Chair

Transport Chair/Rollators combine all the features of a 4 wheel rollator and transport chair in one unit. With the Drive Duet Transport Chair/Rollator, an individual can ambulate independently or, if need be, be pushed safely by a caregiver. The contoured, padded backrest is reversible depending on whether you are using the Duet in rolling walker or transport chair mode. The transition is easy and requires no tools. Both modes make use of the ergonomic handles, large 8” wheels, and secure loop-lock brakes. When used as a transport wheelchair, this rollator combination features a fold-down footrest for better comfort. Both the seat and the curved backrest are padded for comfort. This 4 wheel walker will work equally well both indoors and out, making it extremely versatile.

The Drive Duet Rollator/Transport Chair also features a large under-seat pouch for the safe storage of personal items. Inside the pouch is a handle to aid with the folding of the chair. The folding frame has a lock out feature to ensure the walking aid stays open while in use and folded during transport.

Drive Junior Clever-Lite Walker

The Drive Clever-Lite Walker with seat and loop lock brakes features front wheels that can be set in either “swivel” or “fixed” positions, to allow the user to choose a desired type of motion. This 4 wheel walker also features a seat that can flip up to allow the user to sit down, or that can tuck out of the way for easier use while walking. The rollator's special loop lock hand brakes made of lightweight aluminum casting and the sturdy 1” anodized aluminum construction make this rolling walker safe and stable. This walking aid offers easy folding with dual lever side paddle releases and it has a soft flexible backrest for additional comfort. The smaller size of this 4 wheel walker makes it perfect for shorter adults or youth.

Drive Wenzelite Glider Walker

The Wenzelite Glider Walker has an aluminum frame with a colored cross bar. It comes in two junior sizes, and has adjustable handles and legs to accommodate varying heights. Wide 5” wheels allow the Glider Walker to tackle any obstacle with ease, and the adjustable handles and legs will accommodate virtually any physical requirement.

Graham-Field Onyx Uprise All-in-One Walker

The Onyx Uprise All-in-One Walking Aid can be used as a folding walker and a rising aid. The unique secondary handles offer extra stability to stand from a seated position. This mobility aid features durable aluminum tubing that ensures heavy duty strength while keeping the walker lightweight. The padded handles provide a comfortable and secure grip wherever the hand rests.

This convenient folding walker can also be used as a portable toilet safety frame. The height adjusts from 32" to 39" to accommodate users of various heights. The Onyx Uprise is extremely lightweight, with a total product weight of only 5.5 lbs., and can support users up to 400 lbs.


The LiftWalker is a great mobility device for people who need help with standing up from a seated position. Traditionally, caregivers have to help pull and lift the person to a standing position, risking injury. With the lift walker, there is no straining or lifting required. The LiftWalker features two easy to deploy, telescoping lift poles that come out of the front part of the walker's frame. Once the wheels and lift poles are locked into place, simply grab the lift poles and use them as an anchor to help you pull yourself out of a chair. The LiftWalker makes it easier to get up because it enables you to use your biceps, chest, back, stomach, and leg muscles all at once as you get into standing position. The LiftWalker makes standing safer than having a caregiver pull you out of a chair, which could potentially cause injury. The 5" wheels and rear ski glides give you plenty of clearance for most indoor and outdoor obstacles, plus they lock easily to give you stability when attempting to stand. When finished using the LiftWalker, simply fold it up by pressing the push button mechanism and place into storage.

Mabis Seated Steel Walker

Extremely easy to use, the MabisDMI Steel Walker combines the features of a rollator with the economy and stability of a traditional walker. It offers a cushioned seat for maximum comfort, ergonomic handgrips, and height adjustable handles to accommodate a wide range of users. The Steel Walker folds conveniently away for easy storage. With so many features, this walker is sure to fit anyone’s needs!

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