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The LiftWalker is a great mobility device for people who need help with standing up from a seated position. Traditionally, caregivers have to help pull and lift the person to a standing position, risking injury. With the lift walker, there is no straining or lifting required. The LiftWalker features two easy to deploy, telescoping lift poles that come out of the front part of the walker's frame. Once the wheels and lift poles are locked into place, simply grab the lift poles and use them as an anchor to help you pull yourself out of a chair. The LiftWalker makes it easier to get up because it enables you to use your biceps, chest, back, stomach, and leg muscles all at once as you get into standing position. The LiftWalker makes standing safer than having a caregiver pull you out of a chair, which could potentially cause injury. The 5" wheels and rear ski glides give you plenty of clearance for most indoor and outdoor obstacles, plus they lock easily to give you stability when attempting to stand. When finished using the LiftWalker, simply fold it up by pressing the push button mechanism and place into storage.

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