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Comodita Prima Heavy Duty Rolling Walker

Comodita Prima Heavy Duty Rolling Walker

The Comodita Prima Heavy Duty Rolling Walker is designed to be one of the sturdiest, safest and long­lasting walkers available. The back wheels are wider than the front wheels, allowing for extra room for the feet to move, but still slender enough to pass through doorways 27” or wider. The extra­large 8 inch rubber tires provide superior grip when the brakes are applied, even on tile or wood surfaces. They move easily outdoors, even on crushed rock or uneven terrain. The walker fits anyone 6’4” or less and there is no wobbling in the handles, even if fully extended. The sturdy seat provides a comfortable resting spot or a flat carrying surface and can be lifted to reveal a large storage pouch. This is the perfect walker for anyone with stability issues, who is looking for a sturdy high quality product to safely support their full weight, up to 400 pounds. This walker weighs 20.5 pounds and does require a full size trunk for transport.

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