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Balloon Innovations Inc.

Balloon Innovations Inc.

9160 Marshall Place
Westminster, CO 80031


Balloon Innovations Inc. is a family business taking pride in the fact that through dedicated work, innovation and seemingly endless amounts of time, can help your business attain the attention or visibility you may be looking for. The doors are always open for your suggestions or comments and Balloon Innovations Inc. wants to sincerely thank you for your interest!

Balloons were converted to a plastic material and the fiberglass stems that gave the balloons their attention-getting action in the wind were moved off of vehicle inventory to a patent-pending pole mounted system. This concept kept balloons in good order and plastic kept them looking fresh and vibrant every day. The idea made a lot of sense for car dealerships: No daily maintenance, less expensive than helium, improved appearance, stay up in any weather condition (snow, wind, rain, extreme temps, etc.). The company expanded the offering as a service to most of the major metro areas in 14 western states.


PermaShine 12-Balloon Cluster Kit

The 12-Balloon Cluster Kit is perfect for filling large spaces with the colors of your choice. Choose a two or three color combination, or go wild and pick twelve different colors for a permanent, shiny explosion.

 •   12 shiny, air-filled balloons 
 •   Permanent ceiling decor 
 •   Installed from the ground with MagneClick® 

Kit includes:

(12)   12" PermaShine® Balloons in any color 
(1)     12-Port Manifold 
(1)     15' Monofilament for hanging 
(1)     15lb-Strength MagneClick® SLiM 

PermaShine 2-Layer Ceiling Column Kit

A slightly smaller version of our 4-Layer Kit, the 2-Layer Kit is approximately 3 1/2' tall and is another great option for making a big impact! Works great at filling space to create a festive atmosphere or for drawing attention to products below. Spiral or stack rings of your 12" balloons above the 30" Balloon.

 •   Customizable 30" balloon 
 •   Large ceiling decor 
 •   Installed from the ground with MagneClick® 

Kit includes:

(1)   30" PermaShine® Balloon in any color 
(8)   12" PermaShine® Balloons in any color 
(1)   30" Spine Screw Plug 
(2)   Spine Manifolds (4-Port) 
(1)   Spine Hanger 
(1)    15' Monofilament for hanging 
(1)    18lb-Strength MagneClick® 

PermaShine Table Top 4-Balloon Bouquet Kit

Perfect for any flat surface, this 4-Balloon Bouquet Kit is your interior advertising solution. These non-latex, anti-sag balloons are engineered to stay shiny 24/7.

 •   Hyperbond™ adhesive bottom adheres to any smooth, flat surface 
 •   Leaves zero residue 
 •   Assembled and installed in minutes 

Kit includes:

(4)   PermaShine® Balloons in any color 
(4)   Holding Cups 
(1)   35" Long Stem 
(3)   27" Short Stems 
(1)   PermaShine® Table Top Hyperbond™ Mount 
(4)   Metallic Ribbons 
(1)   Inflation Needle 

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