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PermaShine 2-Layer Ceiling Column Kit

PermaShine 2-Layer Ceiling Column Kit

A slightly smaller version of our 4-Layer Kit, the 2-Layer Kit is approximately 3 1/2' tall and is another great option for making a big impact! Works great at filling space to create a festive atmosphere or for drawing attention to products below. Spiral or stack rings of your 12" balloons above the 30" Balloon.

 •   Customizable 30" balloon 
 •   Large ceiling decor 
 •   Installed from the ground with MagneClick® 

Kit includes:

(1)   30" PermaShine® Balloon in any color 
(8)   12" PermaShine® Balloons in any color 
(1)   30" Spine Screw Plug 
(2)   Spine Manifolds (4-Port) 
(1)   Spine Hanger 
(1)    15' Monofilament for hanging 
(1)    18lb-Strength MagneClick® 

More Information:

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