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PermaShine 12-Balloon Cluster Kit

PermaShine 12-Balloon Cluster Kit

The 12-Balloon Cluster Kit is perfect for filling large spaces with the colors of your choice. Choose a two or three color combination, or go wild and pick twelve different colors for a permanent, shiny explosion.

 •   12 shiny, air-filled balloons 
 •   Permanent ceiling decor 
 •   Installed from the ground with MagneClick® 

Kit includes:

(12)   12" PermaShine® Balloons in any color 
(1)     12-Port Manifold 
(1)     15' Monofilament for hanging 
(1)     15lb-Strength MagneClick® SLiM 

More Information:

Balloon Innovations Inc.

9160 Marshall Place
Westminster, CO 80031

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