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ABC Office is an office equipment company and trusted online source of office machines, supplies and business products. Our Website provides a simple, easy-to-use interface, large selection, and secure shopping cart, for an easy and convenient way to find and buy the best brands in office products. For nearly four decades we'?ve built a long legacy of trust and dependability with our customers.


5520 Series Currency Counters

  • Error alert - audio and visual alert system
  • Bill counters do not differentiate between different denominations or give dollar value amounts. Bill counters will give you an exact total of actual number of individual bills run through the machine.
  • Operating modes - count, add, and batch
  • Remote display option
  • Error detection - Double, half and chain note detection
  • Counting speed - 1300 bills/min
  • Auto-start feature included
  • Easy maintenance - Snap-open front cover

ABC6600 Pro High-Speed Bill Counter with Counterfeit Detection

  • Variable counting speeds of 600, 1000 and 1600 bills/minute.
  • Large seven digits counting LCD display.
  • Large three digits batch LCD display.
  • DD (width) detection on the Pro counter. DD (width), UV and MG detection on the Ultra counter.
  • Saves time and labor costs.
  • Anyone can use it.
  • Bill counters do not differentiate between different denominations or give dollar value amounts. Bill counters will give you an exact total of actual number of individual bills run through the machine.
  • Automatic and Manual start/stop.
  • Reduces losses due to human errors.
  • Counting, batching and addition capabilities.

Cassida C100 Coin Counter / Sorter

  • Countable coins: Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.
  • Reports dollar value for each denomination.
  • Automatic memory for batch setting
  • Adding range: 0 - 999999
  • Counting speed: 250 coins/minute
  • Coin drawer capacity: Up to 900 coins (dimes)
  • Automatically displays total value of all counted coins.
  • Operating modes: Counting mode, adding mode, and batching mode
  • Batching range: 0-500 coins
  • Hopper capacity: 1500 coins (dimes)
  • Individual batch setting for each denomination
  • Sorts each denomination into a separate drawer

Cassida C200 Coin Counter, Sorter & Coin Tube Wrapper

  • Features a one-year warranty that covers parts and labor.
  • Operational speed of 300 coins per minute.
  • Optional remote display available.
  • Batch counting can be set up per individual denomination.
  • Coins are separated and deposited into their own drawer or coin tube.
  • Handles $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $1.00 coins.
  • Three counting modes: batching, adding and counting.
  • Coin wrapping attachment works with most coin wrappers.
  • Provides total dollar value for each coin denomination.
  • Convenient metal carrying handle.
  • Displays total value of all counted denominations.
  • Batch counts 0-500 coins.
  • Provides total number of coins counted for each denomination.
  • Each coin drawer holds up to 300 coins (dime size).
  • Hopper holds up to 2,000 dimes.
  • Whisper quiet operation.

MBM 1500S Programmable Air-Feed Paper Folding Machine

  • Comes pre-programmed with six popular paper folds including the letter, half and Z-fold.
  • The MBM 1500S features a drop-in feed tray with a top feed design.
  • A fully automatic design makes setup easy. Simply select a fold and let the machine adjust itself.
  • Feed tray automatically detects paper size.
  • Sensors and alert notifications let you know of any issues.
  • Available with an optional micro-perforator and scorer.
  • All metal construction and enclosed folding plates ensure quieter operation.
  • The MBM 1500S is both UL and C UL approved.
  • A conveyor-style exit tray keeps paper neat and organized.
  • Built-in memory can be used to store up to 30 custom folds.
  • A test button folds two sheets, allowing the operator to see if everything is set up correctly prior to full-speed operation.
  • An air-suction design makes this machine perfect for use with most types of paper.
  • An LED 4-digit counter keeps a tally of total sheets counted and includes batch folding capabilities.

PF-P330 Paper Folder from Standard

  • The automatic design means the operator simply needs to select the desired fold and the PF-P330 will automatically adjust itself accordingly.
  • Air suction pump is included and is located inside the machine.
  • Excellent for use in copy centers, in-plants, quick printers, universities, businesses, churches and schools.
  • This machine is designed so that internal components are easy to access. This is ideal for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Air suction capabilities quickly pull in paper for folding. This includes slick, glossy and coated paper.
  • Built-in memory can hold up to 10 custom fold settings.
  • Able to be used with paper up to 12" x 17" in size.
  • Control panel is easy to navigate and makes setup extremely easy.
  • The quiet design is perfect for use in an office environment. It is just as quiet as a non-air machine.

Tiger UV Currency Counter

  • Audio and visual alert system
  • Automatic/manual start
  • Optional remote customer display
  • Maintenance kit and spare parts kit included ($25 value)
  • Hinged top cover for easy routine maintenance
  • Extremely durable all metal chassis
  • Operating modes: Counting, adding, batching, and add+batch
  • Automatic double, half, chain and note size detection

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