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PF-P330 Paper Folder from Standard

PF-P330 Paper Folder from Standard

  • The automatic design means the operator simply needs to select the desired fold and the PF-P330 will automatically adjust itself accordingly.
  • Air suction pump is included and is located inside the machine.
  • Excellent for use in copy centers, in-plants, quick printers, universities, businesses, churches and schools.
  • This machine is designed so that internal components are easy to access. This is ideal for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Air suction capabilities quickly pull in paper for folding. This includes slick, glossy and coated paper.
  • Built-in memory can hold up to 10 custom fold settings.
  • Able to be used with paper up to 12" x 17" in size.
  • Control panel is easy to navigate and makes setup extremely easy.
  • The quiet design is perfect for use in an office environment. It is just as quiet as a non-air machine.

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