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MBM 1500S Programmable Air-Feed Paper Folding Machine

MBM 1500S Programmable Air-Feed Paper Folding Machine

  • Comes pre-programmed with six popular paper folds including the letter, half and Z-fold.
  • The MBM 1500S features a drop-in feed tray with a top feed design.
  • A fully automatic design makes setup easy. Simply select a fold and let the machine adjust itself.
  • Feed tray automatically detects paper size.
  • Sensors and alert notifications let you know of any issues.
  • Available with an optional micro-perforator and scorer.
  • All metal construction and enclosed folding plates ensure quieter operation.
  • The MBM 1500S is both UL and C UL approved.
  • A conveyor-style exit tray keeps paper neat and organized.
  • Built-in memory can be used to store up to 30 custom folds.
  • A test button folds two sheets, allowing the operator to see if everything is set up correctly prior to full-speed operation.
  • An air-suction design makes this machine perfect for use with most types of paper.
  • An LED 4-digit counter keeps a tally of total sheets counted and includes batch folding capabilities.

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