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Campaign for Disability Employment

Spotlight: Campaign for Disability Employment

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The Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) is a collaborative effort to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities by encouraging employers and others to recognize the value and talent they bring to the workplace. The CDE is the force behind three powerful PSAs that can be used to promote inclusion and opportunities for people with disabilities in the workplace:

  • "Who I Am" showcases individuals who are not defined by their disabilities.
  • "Because" pays tribute to the mentors and role models who inspire success for individuals with disabilities.
  • "I Can" highlights what people with disabilities "can" do at work and the value that they bring.
  • "Working Works" highlights the reasons people work.

Each PSA is accompanied by outreach materials supporting the What Can YOU Do? message and the secondary themes built around the PSAs. For more information, visit the CDE.

Situations and Solutions:

The following situations and solutions are real-life examples of accommodations that were made by JAN customers. Because accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis, these examples may not be effective for every workplace but give you an idea about the types of accommodations that are possible.

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