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Disability Inclusion

Accommodation and Compliance Series: Disability Inclusion

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Inclusion is a cornerstone of the diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) equation—a formula that results in workplaces that employ creative, innovative, and dedicated employees. Disability-inclusive workplaces welcome people with disabilities and ensure they have an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of employment. Disability-inclusive workplaces offer a more equitable and accessible work environment where disabled people are recognized, valued, and appreciated for their contributions.

The Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN) assists employers with integrating disability into their DEIA plans and initiatives by providing educational resources such as factsheets, checklists, policy briefs, guides, and webinars. The following resources are a great place to start:

To learn about the many benefits of recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing people with disabilities:

To explore strategies for creating disability-inclusive workplace cultures and meeting DEIA goals:

To learn about effective strategies for communicating a commitment to disability inclusion as part of an overall strategy to meet DEIA goals:

To learn how factors like race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, education level, and disability status can impact an employee’s point of view and workplace experience:

In addition, job accommodations play a crucial role in creating disability-inclusive workplaces. Employers can demonstrate a commitment to inclusion by creating an environment where employees with disabilities are comfortable disclosing their disabilities and asking for the adjustments and supports needed to do their best work. Many strategies for accommodating employees with disabilities, like flexible work arrangements, can also positively impact everyone in the workplace. JAN can help employers explore effective accommodation practices that promote disability inclusion.


Situations and Solutions:

The following situations and solutions are real-life examples of accommodations that were made by JAN customers. Because accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis, these examples may not be effective for every workplace but give you an idea about the types of accommodations that are possible.

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