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JAN ENews: Volume 17, Issue 4, Fourth Quarter, 2019

Fourth Quarter 2019 - Volume 17, Issue 4


JAN Publishes Updated Findings.  JAN recently published annual research findings on the benefits and costs of accommodation. This document, Accommodation and Compliance Series: Low Cost, High Impact, summarizes data collected from 2,744 employers. The report reveals that  the benefits employers receive from making workplace accommodations far outweigh the associated costs. Dive in deeper by downloading your copy of the publication today. 

JAN Bids Farewell to Lou. Lou Orslene leaves JAN to pursue career in support of the Department of Defense. Lou Orslene served as the Associate Director of JAN. As a part of his leadership role at JAN, Lou provided training throughout the U.S., facilitated the strategic planning process, managed strategic partnerships, and worked closely with outreach and education staff. 

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