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JAN launches new feature

From the desk of Beth Loy, Ph.D., Principal Consultant/Technical Specialist responds to over two million webpage requests per month. It is a very busy place where JAN staff disperse information on job accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to its customers. The site features an ADA Library, Accommodation Search, Publications, and Training. Users can also find targeted and timely information by accessing an Audience Portal, Consultants’ Corner, Blog, and Newsletter. also offers numerous ways to communicate, including a Live Chat, social media, Spanish, and JAN on Demand features. The site can be navigated via mouse, keyboard, speech recognition, or the built-in accessibility app ReadSpeaker.

The busiest component of is A to Z. This section offers accommodation and ADA information by Disability, Limitation, Work-Related Function, and Topic. Recently, JAN launched a new addition to A to Z called By Accommodation, which includes a type-ahead search and 10 categories of accommodations. For example, one of the categories is Policies. Here is where you can find information on Dress Codes, Probationary Periods, and Qualifications Standards in relation to job accommodations and the ADA.

Another section of the new A to Z By Accommodation that is loaded with accommodation information is Technology. Here you will access technology often used to accommodate individuals with Cognition, Motor, Psychological, and Sensory Limitations. The pathways of A to Z By Accommodation guide you to a list of solutions, vendors, and products for all types of settings and industries. Let’s say that you are looking for where to purchase speech recognition software for an individual with thoracic outlet syndrome. Here is your pathway from A to Z > By Accommodation > Technology > Motor > Fine Motor > Speech Recognition Software. Once here, on the page dedicated to Speech Recognition Software, you can dive into specific vendors and the products to learn more about software features, costs, and purchasing.

Look for A to Z By Accommodation the next time you need information. We hope this new addition adds another useful component to your search for technical assistance. You can always contact JAN if you’d like to speak with someone or if you can’t find what you need. Good luck!

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