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125 Buckskin Lane
Streamwood, IL 60107

Overview is an online typing tutor for both one handed and two handed typists. Special resources are included for anyone with the use of only one hand.


One Handed Typing Training will teach you (or your students) how to type effectively with one hand on a standard keyboard. Learning how to type on a standard keyboard allows you to use any computer, anywhere, without needing specialized equipment.

  • Their Hand Function approach to training recognizes that we have greater control over our index and middle finger than we do over our ring and little finger.
  • Specialized activities focus on each finger individually, allowing anyone to learn the finger motions as efficiently as possible.
  • Rhythmic auditory feedback during lessons provides helpful reinforcement, while aiding in the development of muscle memory.
  • Clear, bold, easy-to-read graphics demonstrate proper technique.
  • Feedback is provided to show areas of strength and weakness.

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