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Tiger Medical, Inc.

Tiger Medical, Inc.

27 Selvage St.
Irvington, NJ 07111


Tiger Medical, Inc. is committed to providing for all the medical needs of doctors and patients. From setting up a practice to providing for the needs of home care patients, they are here for you. They have the knowledge and experience you can rely on to help you find the right products for your needs and at the best possible price. They stock many of our products in our own 50,000 Sq. ft. warehouse, located in Irvington, NJ. Most of our products can be shipped within 48 hours across the 48 contiguous United States. They ship to Canada as well. You can count on them to get your supplies to your door on time, every time.


BD 305782-1 Luer-Lok Syringes with Detachable Eclipse Needles - 3 mL, 23G x 1" Needle, 50 / Box

The BD Luer-Lok™ Syringes with Detachable Eclipse™ Needles are a sterile and latex-free device designed for both injection and blood collection applications.

With its single-handed activation, the syringes require no hard surface to activate and because of its bevel-oriented needle, it allows for low-angle injections. The needle-based design promotes standardization and SKU Reduction.


  • Latex-Free and sterile device
  • Detachable Eclipse™ Needle
  • Built-in Safety Mechanism
  • One-Handed Activation
  • Lessens injection pain and patient discomfort
  • Comes in various syringe capacity, needle length & quantities

BD 305902-1 SafetyGlide™ Hypodermic Needles 23G x 1"

BD SafetyGlide™ Hypodermic Needles are designed for extreme use convenience and exceptional safety. The cutting-edge safety technology complements the unit with no compromise in use simplicity. A smart design of needle shielding device allows for a single-hand activation with no evident changes in use procedure and minimal training required.

SafetyGlide™ Technology
BD has developed and implemented SafetyGlide™ technology to maximize patient comfort. It allows eliminating needle punch effect and ensures smooth needle movement through body tissue. These high-standard hypodermic Needles help realize a truly safe, patient-centric environment.

Excellent Safety Features
Featuring a unique Activation-Assist™ shielding mechanism, this needle realizes exceptional safety for healthcare professionals, minimizing the risks of needle stick injuries and cross contamination. Due to the specifics of the Needle design, the finger always stays behind the needle which can be shielded with a move of a finger. Secure and visible lock promotes visual assessment of the shielding process.

  • SafetyGlide™ Hypodermic Needle Promotes Patient Comfort 
  • Activation-Assist™ Technology for Fast & Easy Needletip Shielding
  • Simple Construction for Single-Handed Activation 
  • Virtually No Change in Technique 
  • Needle & Package Size Options Available 

Covidien 8881833558-1 Magellan Syringe with Hypodermic Safety Needle

  • Needle-Shielding Mechanism with One-Hand Activation
  • Self-Leveling Needle Cap for Extra Safety 
  • Ultra Sharp, Tri-Beveled, Anti-Coring Needle for Smooth Operation 
  • Bevel Orientation for Maximized Convenience 
  • Volume, Needle Gauge & Package Options Available 

Covidien Magellan™ Syringe with Hypodermic Safety Needle features is a combination that ensures exceptional safety in the process of use and saves times for improved efficiency and customer care. The Syringes are simple and convenient in use and do not require sufficient changes in technique.

Excellent Features
The combination of Magellan™ Syringe and Needle provides an efficient solution for busy hospital environments, while the safety needle can be attached to any syringe with luer lock connection for maximum flexibility. The unique needle-shielding mechanism features a convenient one-hand operation and provides an audible click confirmation to ensure a secure and proper placement. For even greater efficiency and use convenience the unit features a bevel orientation so that when the shield is up, the needle bevel is up as well. Advanced needle technology enhances patient comfort as it is an ultra sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring unit that eliminates needle-punch effect and minimizes trauma to muscle tissue. In addition, the Syringe features extended finger flanges allowing for better control and secure grip. Specially designed, self-leveling cap ensures compliance with OSHA-recommended technique for passive recapping of the safety needle. The Syringes are sterile and Latex-free.

Exel 27044 1ml LL Syringe - 300/Cs

  • Free from rubber latex
  • Solid surface not required
  • Simple finger stroke activation
  • One-handed use
  • Fingers are kept behind the needle with its protective arm

The Exel 1ml LL Syringe is great when patients have to take liquid medications. Injectable liquid medication should be given via injection beneath the skin for it to be effective. Some of the injectable medications have to be inserted into muscles to quickly feel its effect.

Exel 27408 Safety Hypodermic Needles, 23G x 1"

  • Fits any brand syringe
  • Simple finger stroke activation
  • Needle remains locked inside activated cover
  • Fingers are behind the needle with its protective arm
  • One-Handed Activation and no solid surface required

The Safety Hypodermic Needles provides robust protection to healthcare staffs and clinicians against accidental needlestick injury. It is a one-hand design for easy use without requiring any solid surface.

The protective arm is keeping the fingers behind the needle. The best thing about these safety needles is that it needs simple finger stroke activation. After use, you can keep the needle locked in its activated cover.

Regardless of the syringe brand used, it will fit perfectly and be used as how you expect it to. Its safety shield could be pushed back to the needle to provide a clear view of injection site.

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