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Exel 27408 Safety Hypodermic Needles, 23G x 1"

Exel 27408 Safety Hypodermic Needles, 23G x 1"

  • Fits any brand syringe
  • Simple finger stroke activation
  • Needle remains locked inside activated cover
  • Fingers are behind the needle with its protective arm
  • One-Handed Activation and no solid surface required

The Safety Hypodermic Needles provides robust protection to healthcare staffs and clinicians against accidental needlestick injury. It is a one-hand design for easy use without requiring any solid surface.

The protective arm is keeping the fingers behind the needle. The best thing about these safety needles is that it needs simple finger stroke activation. After use, you can keep the needle locked in its activated cover.

Regardless of the syringe brand used, it will fit perfectly and be used as how you expect it to. Its safety shield could be pushed back to the needle to provide a clear view of injection site.

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