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Digitsole Bluetooth Heated Insoles

This ergonomic insole has been designed for comfort and has a shock heel system, arch support, flex zone, and sidewalls. The Digitsole platform is moulded from Neotech which is excellent for controlling vibrations and is an extremely lightweight material developed exclusively by Digitsole engineers. The next layer of the insole consists of ortholite which has superior shock absorbing characteristics. The ortholite layer is covered with high-quality Soft Touch PU micro-fiber, which spreads the heat in an optimal way. Increase your feel good factor with the Digitsole!

What is brilliant about this product is that you only need one pair of Digitsole insoles for most of your shoes. While thin in its design, along with being very comfortable, the Digitsole can be put into most types of shoes easily replacing the original insole. Digitsole can be used in almost any situation replacing the former standard insole. Typical uses include sightseeing, shopping, winter sports, riding your motorcycle or hiking.


Heat Factory Seater Heater Heated Seat Cushion

Heat Factory’s Seater Heater is a heated seat cushion perfect for sitting in tree stands or on cold stadium seats. The cushion features a water resistant bottom and two pockets for Heat Factory’s Large Warmers. The Seater Heater has a belt clip for easy carrying. The Seater Heater comes in three different styles, each accompanied by two Large Warmers

Heated Car Seat Cushion

Quicker than your car’s heater! This heated seat cushion gets warm in an instant so you’ll stay toasty warm on the coldest winter day. Take the chill off your car seat with this soft pad that instantly provides warm, radiant heat. Just plug the controller into the cigarette lighter outlet, and choose high or low heat. Fits car, truck, boat and RV seats—elastic straps keep it in place. Even doubles as a heating pad when you’re camping.

This heated seat cushion is perfect for cold weather or winter driving. Soothing heat helps to maintain your metabolism and steady blood circulation. Polyester provides comfort and is easy to clean. Simply plug the 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter into your vehicle and the cushion warms up immediately. Temperature control switch can be set to either to high, low or off. 12 volt Heated Seat Cushion provides warmth during cold winters and evenings! Stylish and comfortable cushion makes your car ride more comfortable.

Hotronic Footwarmer Power Plus S4 Custom Kit

Hotronic’s new S Series Footwarmers offer more than ever before. With enhanced reliability and longevity, the new S Series batteries maintain up to 55% of a full charge and 95% of their initial capacity after four years of non- use! Plus, an increase in capacity offers up to a combined 30% in higher average temperatures and longer durations on a single full charge, all when needed most, in the cold.

With four (4) cells in each Battery Pack, the Power Plus S4 is Hotronic’s most powerful, longest lasting FootWarmer!

ProFLEX Heated Insoles

ProFLEX Heated Insoles are just what you need to keep the cold at bay this winter—keeping your feet warm without getting them too hot and making them sweat. It’s the best way to keep your feet warm while enjoying the great outdoors. ProFLEX offers even more comfort and ease-of-use than Original Heated Insoles, utilizing a flexible polyurethane insole material, a comfortable and resilient Poron battery cover cushion, and a removable, rechargeable battery.

Heated Insoles offer convenient remote operation—no worries or external batteries—and at least 2,500 hours of use or about four winters of heavy use. Using ThermaCELL’s ProFLEX Heated Insoles is easy—simply adjust the temperature utilizing the wireless remote control to the setting of your choice: no heat (standby), medium (100°F), and high (111°F).

ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles

ThermaCELL® ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles is the next generation of foot warming comfort. These revolutionary insoles provide warmth at the touch of a button … from your smartphone! With extended battery life, fast charging capabilities and rugged durability - this product can help you take on the most extreme environments.

Rechargeable Electric Finger Touch Screen Thin Heated Glove Liners | Sunwill

  • Soft breathable material, comfortable and resilient lycra, super soft thin warming glove liners, even writing is not difficult.
  • Anti slip design of palm.
  • Thin heated gloves liner,can wear with other gloves. It's a comfortable and practical thin heating glove liner great for cold weather.Hand wash or Machine wash (must put heating gloves liner into wash bag).
  • Superior heating elements. Battery Heated gloves, upgraded far infrared fiber heating elements covers whole back of the hand, fingers and finger tips. Warmer than ordinary battery heating gloves on the market. Especially the fingertips can give you more warmth. Perfect for anyone working in the cold. Rechargeable heated gloves can be stimulate your hands blood circulation.
  • Conductive PU on the tips of Index Finger to Use Any Touch Screen Device.
  • Best solution for winter indoor and outdoor driving working or sports activities. Very suitable Raynaud's, bad circulation, stiff joints. Say goodbye to cold hands.

Volt Heat 5V Heated Seat Cushion

Up to 130 degrees of soothing warmth using our patented Zero Layer heat system. Uses three strategically placed heating panels to help keep your backside toasty warm. Great solution for those cold hard seats.

Constructed with a combination of high density foam to provide support and low density foam for extra comfort. The durable vinyl shell is made with a non-slip treatment and comes with both a shoulder strap and carrying handle.

Powered by the included 5v VB560 USB powerbank, you will enjoy hours of heat output per charge. Feels just like the heated seats in your car. Choose from three power level settings using the push button control easily accessed on the front of the cushion. You will be the envy of all your fellow spectators!

  • Zero Layer Heat System keeps your backside warm
  • 3 position push button controller allows you to regulate the temperature
  • Combines high density foam for support and a low density foam for comfort
  • Comes with a 5 Volt rechargeable battery (VB560) and a charging cord
  • Designed for portable warmth and comfort, 5+ hours of heat
  • 16" x 13" x 3"

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