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Digitsole Bluetooth Heated Insoles

Digitsole Bluetooth Heated Insoles

This ergonomic insole has been designed for comfort and has a shock heel system, arch support, flex zone, and sidewalls. The Digitsole platform is moulded from Neotech which is excellent for controlling vibrations and is an extremely lightweight material developed exclusively by Digitsole engineers. The next layer of the insole consists of ortholite which has superior shock absorbing characteristics. The ortholite layer is covered with high-quality Soft Touch PU micro-fiber, which spreads the heat in an optimal way. Increase your feel good factor with the Digitsole!

What is brilliant about this product is that you only need one pair of Digitsole insoles for most of your shoes. While thin in its design, along with being very comfortable, the Digitsole can be put into most types of shoes easily replacing the original insole. Digitsole can be used in almost any situation replacing the former standard insole. Typical uses include sightseeing, shopping, winter sports, riding your motorcycle or hiking.


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