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Krown Braille TTY

Krown Braille TTY

To aid the Deaf-Blind in having a conversation over the telephone, Krown Manufacturing Inc. has developed a new Krown Braille-TTY telephone. This device allows the user to communicate with a Relay Operator, another TDD, or even a Braille-TTY user in the United States and all over the world. The conversation is displayed on the Braille display from the ALVA Braille Terminal. The Braille display has a 23-cell, 8 dot Braille Navigator. The ALVA display can be used as a computer navigator with software and cable included. The TDD machine comes with Auto answer, 9 speed dial memory numbers, and 4 programmable memory buffers with up to 8000 characters to hold greetings, preset messages and conversations. The durable rechargeable battery of the TDD will last for 6 hours of use without interruptions and is easily rechargeable after plugging in the DC adapter overnight.

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