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Reasonable Accommodation, LLC

Reasonable Accommodation, LLC


Reasonable Accommodation, LLC is an advisory and training firm immersed in the mechanics of Title I (Employment) of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Roy Matheson is an Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator (ADAC) with thirty-five years of pioneering and training experience in the field of occupational rehabilitation.


Reasonable Accommodation Training for Employers and HR Professionals

This course focuses on the seven-step reasonable accommodation management process. Typically, identifying a workable solution is not as energy-consuming as negotiating the interpersonal issues behind a request. The skill of managing the occasional difficult request comes from understanding the process and applying the tools presented in this training.


The course materials include a recorded presentation that the student may start and stop as needed. The presentation is not based on a PowerPoint slide deck. Instead, the author shares insights from his 30+ years of rehabilitation and Americans with Disabilities Act experience. A robust 68-page manual details the concepts discussed and taught in the course.

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