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Panther Vision, LLC.

Panther Vision, LLC.

213 W. Main Street
West Dundee, IL 60118


At Panther Vision®, our mission is to make people’s lives easier, more productive, and enjoyable through our ultra-bright, HANDS-FREE, LED lighting technology. Our hands-free product designs are focused on easily lighting the areas where you work with your hands, where you read, or where you do activities and are designed to make sure you can continue your activities regardless of lighting conditions.



Reading comfortably in the dark is one of those fantasies that never seems to come true, despite how attainable it seems.

Between shoddy frames and inconvenient lighting sources, most options haven’t offered much in the way of real innovation. That is, until now.

Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS® LP LED Reading Glasses exist as an unbeatable fusion between performance and convenience. The difference lies in our ultra-bright LED technology, which we inconspicuously implant into the temples of the frames.

The LED lights generate 32 lumens and are canted inward to create a full beam that leaves no blind spots in the area you’re looking. With the use of these half-eye reading glasses, you can read in bed, perform close-up tasks at your job or engage in your favorite hobbies. Straining your eyes and sitting in uncomfortable positions will be problems of the past.

The glasses take four CR1632 lithium cell batteries, which we include with purchase. They hold up to 50 hours of charge and replacements are convenient to find. The batteries remain concealed behind swinging doors on the arms of the frames for easy access.

While lights are our specialty, we don’t neglect the other components of fully-functioning glasses. We use high-quality, lightweight polycarbonate frames to provide durability and comfort, as they sit on the ears and nose without causing soreness and itchiness over time. The lenses also come in four diopters to meet different vision requirements.

Aesthetically, the LP Reading Glasses represent our most diverse option. You can choose between nine color options that range between classic black and Betsy, a peppy pink/red combination. Several variations on the classic tortoise pattern exist, as you can pick from blues, golds, browns and other tones.

Find the look that’s right for you — and see clearly — when you purchase the LIGHTSPECS® LP LED Reading Glasses.

LIGHTSPECS Women’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses

Disposable batteries work reasonably well on a daily basis, but rechargeable items work better for busy women who don’t want to risk running out of juice throughout their week.

Explore the possibilities with Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS® Women’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses. We combine our patented illumination technology with durable frames and convenient batteries to create a genuinely exceptional product.

You can charge your glasses after each use to ensure full power supply — each set will emit 12 lumens of light from ultra-bright LEDs situated in the glasses’ temples. We canted the LEDs inward on every LIGHTSPECS® product to create a uniform beam that leaves no dark corner unrevealed.

The battery we use in these glasses supplies up to four hours of power, and it takes about two hours to charge it fully on the special cable we provide you with.

Count on these rechargeable reading glasses while enjoying a book in bed, participating in hobbies or relaxing on a crisp night in the outdoors when camping or hunting.

You can customize the appearance of your glasses as desired, as we’ve compiled various colors that synchronize well with the overall appealing design. We offer five colors and patterns, with four of them serving a unique spin on the classic tortoise design.

Frames should be reliable and durable enough to maintain integrity over time, and that’s why we craft them out of high-quality polycarbonate. These reading glasses will stay intact with wear and tear, but they’ll also remain lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

To best complement your vision, choose from one of four different diopters measurements — 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 — that best matches your sight.

When you choose the LIGHTSPECS® Women’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses, you’ll see life from a brighter perspective.

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