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LIGHTSPECS Women’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses

LIGHTSPECS Women’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses

Disposable batteries work reasonably well on a daily basis, but rechargeable items work better for busy women who don’t want to risk running out of juice throughout their week.

Explore the possibilities with Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS® Women’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses. We combine our patented illumination technology with durable frames and convenient batteries to create a genuinely exceptional product.

You can charge your glasses after each use to ensure full power supply — each set will emit 12 lumens of light from ultra-bright LEDs situated in the glasses’ temples. We canted the LEDs inward on every LIGHTSPECS® product to create a uniform beam that leaves no dark corner unrevealed.

The battery we use in these glasses supplies up to four hours of power, and it takes about two hours to charge it fully on the special cable we provide you with.

Count on these rechargeable reading glasses while enjoying a book in bed, participating in hobbies or relaxing on a crisp night in the outdoors when camping or hunting.

You can customize the appearance of your glasses as desired, as we’ve compiled various colors that synchronize well with the overall appealing design. We offer five colors and patterns, with four of them serving a unique spin on the classic tortoise design.

Frames should be reliable and durable enough to maintain integrity over time, and that’s why we craft them out of high-quality polycarbonate. These reading glasses will stay intact with wear and tear, but they’ll also remain lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

To best complement your vision, choose from one of four different diopters measurements — 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 — that best matches your sight.

When you choose the LIGHTSPECS® Women’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses, you’ll see life from a brighter perspective.

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