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Palmer Industries Inc.

Palmer Industries Inc.

PO Box 5707
Endicott, NY 13763


Palmer Foursome

When you need to transport four travelers to their destination inside or out, an electric Palmer Foursome scooter will get you there safely and comfortably. Unlike other four seat electric transporters, this unique, silent electric vehicle can make a U-turn in a nine foot wide hall without backing up . This versatile scooter can be separated and used as a wheelchair for just one or two people.

Features include: One hand operation and choice of slow or fast mode. Front and Rear section can each carry 550 lbs. on level surface or up to 4% grade. 300 lbs. on each section can negotiate a 10% grade. All components are weatherproof. Speed has 2 ranges and is factory programmable up to 11 mph. Equipment includes Rear Basket on each section.

Electrical Motor-Ball bearing, weatherproof PM Motor Charger-Automatic Adjustable 24 Volt, 10Amp. Standard Items-Sealed beam headlight, tail light,stop light, hazard lights, horn, fuel gauge and directional signals.

Palmer Independence Scooter

For those who wish outdoor freedom, and like to go it alone, this Palmer full suspension electric scooter is designed for your journeys on the road again, in the grass, on gravel, through the park, to the bank or shopping. This power wheelchair has Moped Wheels for these adventursome travels. It's a heavy duty Palmer electric wheelchair proudly made in the USA.


Palmer Threesome

The newest in outdoor travel is the three seat Palmer electric scooter. This versatile three wheel electric vehicle carries three folks up and down hill and dale, to and through town, across the yard, around the barn and to all your local destinations. With just one hand the driver controls speed, direction and braking. The silent, easy to operate, Palmer Threesome uses a 24 volt system with power enough to climb the steepest hills of San Francisco. Now you can take others with you on your journeys or run down town and pick up family and friends on your cart. 

  • Speed 11 mph
  • Capacity 550 lbs.
  • Width: 35"
  • Length: 96"
  • Weight: 210 lbs. without battery

Palmer Twosome Scooter

The Palmer Twosome Scooter is an outdoor mobility electric scooter for those who like to share their journeys. This full suspension electric two person scooter will take two of you almost anywhere a car can go and then some: down the lane, out to the barn, to the Doc's, the store, the church, or wherever the spirit moves you. Able to climb the steepest hills in San Francisco, go across grass, gravel, snow and unpaved roads this electric wheelchair is also ideal for those who have lost their license through macular degeneration and etc. and still need to travel locally. It has Moped Wheels for these adventuresome travels. This Palmer Twosome Scoter unique outdoor mobility, two person electric scooter or heavy person scooter (bariatric scooter) is proudly Made in the USA and Palmer Industries has been in business since 1973.

The Palmer Mail Cart

Introducing an innovative way to deliver mail in large facilities. This electric 3 wheel in-plant transporter features 2 mail carrying platforms, one above the other, with a total payload capacity of 550 lbs. The infinitely variable speed controller is factory adjustable to limit speed to any speed range from 0-5MPH up to 0-13 mph.

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