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Palmer Foursome

Palmer Foursome

When you need to transport four travelers to their destination inside or out, an electric Palmer Foursome scooter will get you there safely and comfortably. Unlike other four seat electric transporters, this unique, silent electric vehicle can make a U-turn in a nine foot wide hall without backing up . This versatile scooter can be separated and used as a wheelchair for just one or two people.

Features include: One hand operation and choice of slow or fast mode. Front and Rear section can each carry 550 lbs. on level surface or up to 4% grade. 300 lbs. on each section can negotiate a 10% grade. All components are weatherproof. Speed has 2 ranges and is factory programmable up to 11 mph. Equipment includes Rear Basket on each section.

Electrical Motor-Ball bearing, weatherproof PM Motor Charger-Automatic Adjustable 24 Volt, 10Amp. Standard Items-Sealed beam headlight, tail light,stop light, hazard lights, horn, fuel gauge and directional signals.

More Information:

Palmer Industries Inc.

PO Box 5707
Endicott, NY 13763

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