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3M 6000 Lead & Asbestos Respirator Combination

The 3M 6000 Lead & Asbestos Respirator Combination is our most recommended and popular respirator package for lead and asbestos protection. We have combined the 3M 6000 Halfmask Respirator with a pair of 3M 2091 P100 Filters to help protect against asbestos, lead, and cadmium dusts. This respirator combination also provides effective protection for most types of welding.

3M 7500 Lead Dust Respirator Combination

The 3M 7500 Lead Dust Respirator Combination features a face piece made of soft silicone rubber, which is more comfortable and conforms more readily to the face than less expensive masks. This means that the mask can be worn comfortably for longer periods of time and can be used for many projects. Debris or paint is less likely to stick to the silicone mask, making it easier to clean. Only a full face respirator offers more protection.

3M Mold Remediation Respirator Kit 6000

The 3M 6000 Full Face Mold Remediation Respirator Kit has everything you need in full face piece respiratory protection products for mold remediation in one kit.

The 3M 2097 Filters (included) are rated P100 (current equivalent of HEPA filter) to keep out mold spores, and a layer of charcoal absorbs the volatile organic compounds given off by active mold sites. Since all the air within the mask has been filtered, it helps protect against eye-irritating varieties of mold. The polycarbonate lens provides a wide field of vision for enhanced safety. It meets EPA guidelines for mold remediation jobs of all sizes.

Allegro EZ Air Max PAPR w/7500VX ADF 9936

EZ Air Max Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) with 7500VX ADF is a complete particulate system intended for industrial applications where combined respiratory, eye and face protection is required. This welding helmet features a flip-up visor to expose a grind shield below that maintains respiratory protection while workers can continue grinding or inspecting welds. It is a motorized, Lithium-ion battery operated system that provides a constant supply of fresh, filtered air over the user’s face. At an APF level of 25, it creates an optimal protective pressure inside the respirator head top keeping away particulates. The Allegro EZ Air Max PAPR provides workers with better comfort, less fatigue, and improved productivity.

Applications: welding, assembly, facility maintenance, grinding, machine operations, painting, and sanding


  • Welding Shield w/ ADF lens
  • Downtube w/ FR cover
  • Blower
  • Battery
  • Waist Belt
  • Charger
  • Flow Tester
  • HEPA filter
  • Storage Bag

Pureflo ESM PAPR Helmet PR02000

With the Pureflo ESM respiratory helmet you get the ultimate safety protection all in one package. This unit is lighter and smaller than most of the other PAPR. This unit does not have the hassle of hoses and extra parts getting in the workers way while working. Instead the positive pressure system provides a constant flow of clean air which is sucked through the HE P100 filter located on the back of the helmet. You will get the protection that you need and the satisfaction in knowing that you are breathing cool clean air.

Also available is a combination of the HE filter, Hydrogen Fluoride filter and HC Filter. Both filters remove 99.97% of the liquid or solid based contaminates. The HF filter is also effective in removal of nuisance levels of other organic and inorganic gases and vapors, including chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, ozone, and acid gases makes this filter ideal for use in welding applications.

Pyramex Capstone Anti-Fog Safety Goggles GG504T

The Pyramex Capstone Anti-Fog Safety Goggles offer a versatile, adjustable, and incredibly comfortable general purpose eye protection. The GG504T Goggles offer terrific impact protection as well as chemical resistance.

Made of 100 percent polycarbonate, the lenses are scratch resistant and the cylinder lens is coated to prevent fogging. The Capstone Goggles exceed all ANSI Z87.1 2003 High Impact requirements as well as OSHA safety glasses requirements. They also meet CAN/CSA Z94.3-02.

The Pyramex GG504T Goggles include removable vent caps that the user can remove or seal, depending on the ventilation needed. It has an adjustable quick-release elastic band and a soft PVC body that conforms to facial contours for a comfortable, universal fit. The GG504T Goggles will also fit over your prescription eyewear.

Pyramex G204 Goggles

Commonly called chemical splash goggles, the Pyramex G204 Goggles contain indirect vents to restrict the influx of liquids and an elastic headband. The goggles seal off your eyes from splashes and falling debris common to painting, demolition and asbestos removal projects. They contain scratch resistant 100 percent polycarbonate lenses inserted into a PVC frame. The lenses provide 99 percent protection from UV-A and UV-B rays which is a benefit if you are working outside painting houses or sanding fiberglass.

Pyramex Goliath Safety Glasses

The Pyramex Goliath Safety Glasses were designed with work and play in mind. Stylish enough to wear out on a regular basis but also strong enough to provide the protection needed in the workplace. With these glasses, you get style and protection at a very low cost.

RKI GX-6000 For Benzene Multi-Gas 72-6AZX-C

The new GX-6000 for Benzene Multi-Gas includes the 4-gas sensors and features additional capability: detecting benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene with a range of 0 – 100 ppm and a library of over 300 VOCs. Adding the Benzene Filter Tube Holder and Benzene Pre-Filter Tube in conjunction with the Benzene Specific PID sensor allows the device to detect the BTEX family of gases.


The GX-6000 monitors for benzene at a range of 0.01 – 50 ppm by filtering out all other VOCs using PID pre-filter tubes and a filter tube holder. The advantage of using the new GX-6000 is that it is the only PID instrument on the market with the ability to have two PID sensors functioning in one instrument.

  • Benzene specific measurement
  • Benzene Select Mode takes timed samples using pre-filter tube
  • Benzene Filter Tube Holder
  • Long breakthrough times for Benzene filter tubes
  • 10.0 eV Highly selective PID sensor
  • Easily switch VOC target gas
  • Dual channel PIDs utilizing both 10.0 & 10.6 PID sensors
  • 2 smart sensor slots auto recognize PID, IR, and super toxic sensors
  • Internal sample pump
  • Dust & Water resistant IP-67 design
  • Interchangeable battery packs Li-ion / alkaline
  • Operates up to 14 hours on Li-ion battery pack,
    fully recharges in 3 hours

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