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Pureflo ESM PAPR Helmet PR02000

Pureflo ESM PAPR Helmet PR02000

With the Pureflo ESM respiratory helmet you get the ultimate safety protection all in one package. This unit is lighter and smaller than most of the other PAPR. This unit does not have the hassle of hoses and extra parts getting in the workers way while working. Instead the positive pressure system provides a constant flow of clean air which is sucked through the HE P100 filter located on the back of the helmet. You will get the protection that you need and the satisfaction in knowing that you are breathing cool clean air.

Also available is a combination of the HE filter, Hydrogen Fluoride filter and HC Filter. Both filters remove 99.97% of the liquid or solid based contaminates. The HF filter is also effective in removal of nuisance levels of other organic and inorganic gases and vapors, including chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, ozone, and acid gases makes this filter ideal for use in welding applications.

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