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Overview is the premier supplier of high performance Reusable Odor Eliminators that Work. They rid odor at the source without harsh fragrances or chemicals. Simply Refresh & Reuse to keep your air clean and save. Our eco-smart deodorizers are made from all natural ingredients that are people, pet and planet safe.


OdorBar Everlasting Hand Smell Remover Soap

It can be fun to cook but odors from onions, garlic, spices, seasonings, fish, seafood, poultry and other food can penetrate your hands and leave unpleasant lingering odors. In addition, odors from bait, fishing, hunting, smoke, paint, gas and chemicals can also leave your hands smelling. The amazing OdorBar™ Everlasting Hand Smell Deodorizing Soap was specially developed to eliminate strong unpleasant food and chemical hand odors without regular soap or scrubbing. OdorBar™ is made from a proprietary light weight stainless steel treated material that is designed to harmlessly remove food and chemical odors from your hands when used like a bar of soap under cool running water. The odors are drawn to the bar and rinsed away without soap or scrubbing. OdorBar™ will never lose its odor removing effectiveness or wear out and last for a lifetime! OdorBar™ is non-toxic, safe, reusable, recyclable, odorless, non-flammable, non-caustic and will reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Just rinse smelly hands with OdorBar™ to rid stench
  • Deodorizes onion, garlic, spice, fish, seafood, meat, smoke,
    paint, gas & other hand smell without harsh fragrances
  • Won't lose its hand odor eliminating power & lasts forever
  • Made from special stainless steel to match other appliances
  • Safe, ecologically-friendly, non-toxic, odorless
  • Non polluting so it can be used safely indoors & outdoors
  • Designed to float so it won't get lost in lakes & rivers
  • Useful tool for homemakers, cooks, chefs, food handlers,
    fisherman, hunters & outdoor recreation enthusiasts

Odoreze Natural Clothing Smell Removal Additive Concentrate

Perhaps you spent too much time in a cigarette-loving friend’s home or got gasoline spilled on your clothes during a routine auto repair. Maybe an old pet with bladder issues forgot that your lap is not a toilet, your favorite shirt became a biohazard from too much perspiration, or those pants you always wear got left in the damp basement and are covered with mildew. Whether you are dealing with a chemical odor or another unpleasant powerful smell rendering your clothes unwearable, we have the solution you really, really need.

Odoreze® Natural Laundry Deodorizing Additive eradicates a wide variety of odors, including urine, mothball, smoking, pet, mildew, gasoline, cooking, fish, perfume and chemical smells. The powerful deodorizer features a unique blend of natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients that attack and destroy odors instead of covering them with fragrances, which does little more than add scent to displeasing smells!

This amazing product is super-easy to use. Simply pour 2-3 teaspoons of the non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable Odoreze® super concentrate additive into your washing machine AFTER it has filled with water and wash your clothes. It can be used along with your regular detergent or by itself. For items with really severe odors, you may first pre-soak the odor laden clothing in Odoreze® (diluted 2 teaspoons/gallon) overnight and then wash them with your regular detergent plus Odoreze®. Do not pour concentrated Odoreze® directly onto clothing to avoid staining.

Getting tough odors out from clothing has never been easier! Utilize the wondrous power of Odoreze® Natural Laundry Deodorizing Additive and say goodbye to stinky odors and other nastiness affecting your clothing. It’s as easy as doing a load of laundry!

  • Add to laundry detergent to get smell out of clothing
  • Alternatively, soak smelly clothing before washing
  • Will remove odor from clothing without chemicals
  • Made from 100% natural & safe plant based materials
  • No fragrances, harmful chemicals or animal testing
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable & ecologically friendly
  • Won't stain or harm clothes & fabrics after dilution
  • Economical- costs less than 23 cents/working gallon
  • Clothing deodorizer freshens any washable clothes

Smelleze Reusable Industrial Smell Eliminator Pouch

Various gases like acetic acid, formaldehyde, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, VOC's, etc. could be generated from industrial and commercial operations resulting in severe odor problems. It could also lead to serious indoor air quality, health and safety issues since most ventilation systems only recirculate room air and remove large particulate matter such as dirt, dust, and lint but not noxious gases. This could result in complaints from customers as well as employees and OSHA fines.

According to the EPA, "indoor pollution can be as much as 100 times greater than outdoors." Since most people spend close to 90% of their time indoors, indoor air pollution poses a serious health risk. Medical problems that have been associated with poor indoor air quality include dizziness, headaches, eye nose or throat irritation, dry or itchy skin, nausea, shortness of breath, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue, sensitivity to odors, allergies, depression and chronic illnesses.

The Smelleze® Reusable Chemical Smell Deodorizer Pouch was specially developed to remove toxic industrial odors on contact without masking them with fragrances. If you are not sure what is causing your odor problem, this is the product to use because of its power to destroy a wide variety of odors. Smelleze® will truly cleanse the air of noxious odors and complement existing ventilation systems. This will be appreciated by customers, employees and improve your image.

For a breath of fresh air, simply place the reusable Smelleze® pouches near odors or in return air ducts and smell the difference. To rejuvenate periodically, simply place in direct sunlight for a day and reuse. Replace when rejuvenation does not help. Smelleze® can work for years so it is very cost effective.

Smelleze® is non-toxic, safe, reusable, recyclable, natural, odorless, non-flammable and non-caustic. Smelleze® is an ideal environmentally friendly solution for eliminating a wide variety of industrial and commercial odors without adding pollutants to the air you breathe. It does not contain VOCs, harmful or ozone depleting chemicals and is especially beneficial for those suffering from allergies and chemical sensitivity. No fossil fuels are used in the production of Smelleze® odor control media.

  • Just place close to odor and/or in air ducts
  • Eliminates chemical smell without cover-ups
  • Filters pollutants to improve indoor air quality
  • Protects electronics by absorbing corrosive gases
  • Helps comply with EPA & OSHA requirements
  • Works for years without power to reduce cost
  • Just expose to sun to rejuvenate & use again
  • Eco-smart, safe, non-toxic, chemical-free
  • Works in homes, offices & commercial facilities

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