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Odoreze Natural Clothing Smell Removal Additive Concentrate

Odoreze Natural Clothing Smell Removal Additive Concentrate

Perhaps you spent too much time in a cigarette-loving friend’s home or got gasoline spilled on your clothes during a routine auto repair. Maybe an old pet with bladder issues forgot that your lap is not a toilet, your favorite shirt became a biohazard from too much perspiration, or those pants you always wear got left in the damp basement and are covered with mildew. Whether you are dealing with a chemical odor or another unpleasant powerful smell rendering your clothes unwearable, we have the solution you really, really need.

Odoreze® Natural Laundry Deodorizing Additive eradicates a wide variety of odors, including urine, mothball, smoking, pet, mildew, gasoline, cooking, fish, perfume and chemical smells. The powerful deodorizer features a unique blend of natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients that attack and destroy odors instead of covering them with fragrances, which does little more than add scent to displeasing smells!

This amazing product is super-easy to use. Simply pour 2-3 teaspoons of the non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable Odoreze® super concentrate additive into your washing machine AFTER it has filled with water and wash your clothes. It can be used along with your regular detergent or by itself. For items with really severe odors, you may first pre-soak the odor laden clothing in Odoreze® (diluted 2 teaspoons/gallon) overnight and then wash them with your regular detergent plus Odoreze®. Do not pour concentrated Odoreze® directly onto clothing to avoid staining.

Getting tough odors out from clothing has never been easier! Utilize the wondrous power of Odoreze® Natural Laundry Deodorizing Additive and say goodbye to stinky odors and other nastiness affecting your clothing. It’s as easy as doing a load of laundry!

  • Add to laundry detergent to get smell out of clothing
  • Alternatively, soak smelly clothing before washing
  • Will remove odor from clothing without chemicals
  • Made from 100% natural & safe plant based materials
  • No fragrances, harmful chemicals or animal testing
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable & ecologically friendly
  • Won't stain or harm clothes & fabrics after dilution
  • Economical- costs less than 23 cents/working gallon
  • Clothing deodorizer freshens any washable clothes

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