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Medifab manufactures and sells a range of equipment to assist people of all ages with Medical difficulties. We constantly strive to improve the comfort and well being of all users and we are committed to bringing the best product to our customers.

Medifab make a positive difference to lives of persons with a disability, therapists and carers globally by providing leading edge postural support solutions for a wide range of special needs.


Bingo Evo Stroller

Rehab pushchairs are an important part of the care of disabled children, and the Bingo stroller has offered an innovative solution since 2005. Bingo Evo is the result of an ongoing development and improvements to the Bingo Stroller

The Cobra indoor base provides an exceptional added dimension to the Bingo Evo seat. With 45 degrees of tilt and a continuous adjustable gas spring for height adjustment makes this a very easy system to use around the home or school environment.

The tilt and height adjustment can be applied with the child sitting in the equipment.

Carrot Car Seat 3000

Designed, engineered and built to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability

Conform High Pressure Relief Air Cushions

  • Interlinking air chamber system imitates the positive characteristics of water and thus adjusts to the natural body contours of the person seated.
  • Flexible cells reduce pressure build up and preventing shearing forces.
  • Air cells create constantly low pressure, guaranteeing blood flow through the capillaries avoiding tissue damage, whilst at the same time accelerating the healing process of existing pressure sores.
  • Adjustable air pressure to suit individual need.
  • Breathable cover with non-slip base.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • The high flexibility of pure natural rubber make the CONFORM® Medical Air Cushions a reliable pressure care system maintaining its elasticity even at low temperatures.
  • Benefits of natural rubber:
  • Convenient microclimate
  • Extreme flexiblity
  • Optimal distribution of pressure
  • Minimal shear forces
  • Allergy-free seat pad

MultiLink Dynamic Arm Support

Get your arms moving again! Dynamic Arm Support system with elevation-assist function to allow greater range of arm movement.

Keep your arms moving with the MultiLink! This unique mobile arm support system has an elevation-assist function to allow significantly greater range of arm motion for feeding and facial hygiene. (Poor grade deltoid muscle required) Open up people’s lives to higher achievement and increased functionality and independence! Fits children through to large adults, and is universal for left or right arms.

Shuttle Discovery Stroller

Discovery gives the parent and carers a ‘non medical looking’ equipment solution for their child, yet it satisfies what the therapist requires for the child's special postual needs

With Discovery - you only need one seat! This one clever seat clicks into all the different base options, so that you don't have to have additional equipment in your home. Explore (with Verve), Learn (with Launcher), Play (with Lunar) and Relax (with Moon Rock)... all with one seat!.

Starlight-Reha Car Seat

Fully adjustable special needs car seat which offers excellent postural support and an inbuilt tilt function

Extra slim swivel base options allow more space and headroom inside the car. Starlight-Reha is suitable for young children from 9kg, and will grow with the child right up to 36kg. Available with many comfort and posture options, including footrest, lateral inserts, playtray.

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