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Gravity Chair

Gravity Chair

More than just a comfortable seat...

The Gravity Chair is a very supportive foam positioning system to augment postural control for a wide range of individuals. 

Gravity Chair follows the principle 'Tension and Relaxation' whereby it provides: 

  1. Alternative Seating, and
  2. Serves the therapeutical aim of stable positioning

The Gravity Chair has an appealing look that suits the home or school environment with neutral colour wipe-down covers. 

  • Patients who can only lie down learn to be able to sit in the Gravity Chair 
  • With patients who spasm, the Gravity Chair absorbs the tension. After the  spasm, the chair brings the user back into the original position. 
  • Patients with perception deficit or ADHD get close body contact in the Gravity Chair which raises self-awareness. This helps the user to stay calm. 
  • Palliative care clients
  • The Gravity Chair can create an optimal solution for many occupational therapy requirements.

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