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Magnisight Explorer HD 19"

Magnisight Explorer HD 19"

Expect the best from the Explorer HD CCTV Video Magnifier! Magnisight's Explorer HD set a high bar with its solid design and craftsmanship. The Explorer HD not only has automatic focus and full color mode, but black and white and reverse mode, for further ease of use for low vision users.

Explorer HD optimizes image quality by producing a crisp, clear display. The Explorer HD has clearly readable lower magnification starting at 2x. Displayed images have vivid, realistic colors. The highest resolution quality available displays sharp, high contrast text. The Explorer HD's high definition capabilities are far superior to a standard definition image.

Because of its sharper image providing a wider field of view, many users are able to read at a smaller size. The Explorer HD requires less movement of the X/Y reading table. Get more realistic color and details when looking at photos because of the Explorer HD's wider field of view. The Explorer HD a great choice for an easy to use high definition widescreen LCD video magnifier.

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