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Second display: Hey_

A second display with powerful audio creates incredible added value. The communication is much smoother because your conversation partner can read and hear your story. Moreover, you have all the attention. There is no need to read along with the communication device's display, you can just sit opposite each other and communicate face-to-face. The range of the Hey_ is 10 meters.

Tellus 6 and i6

The Tellus 6 is a package deal. As always in the Tellus series, our communication device also meets your expectations for a high-end device. A powerful platform without compromising on speed nor sound. So, what should a communication device do? Right, make sure you are heard, going loud. The Tellus' soundbox is designed to produce a full sound. Even in a busy environment, you can be heard. Additionally, thanks to the collaboration with Intel, we optimized its dimensions and drastically reduced the weight of the device.

The Tellus 6 is designed for every access method. Do you use eye gaze? The latest Tobii eye tracker technology is seamlessly integrated into the Tellus i6. Apart from this, Tellus 6 and Tellus i6 are identical twins.

Vibe 10

Vibe 10 is a firm and practical device you can take wherever. Use it to play, travel by train or order your favorite meal at a restaurant. Could you be afraid of scratches and broken corners? Well, the Vibe 10 can take a punch or two. The protective bezel and the adjustable, reinforced table stand give it an instantly durable feel. The Gorilla Glass screen emphasizes its robustness. This type of glass has been specifically engineered to protect against drops and other damage.

Vibe 12+

Vibe 12+ is the bigger brother of the Vibe 10. You immediately recognize some family traits such as the modern and light design and of course the partner display. Just like the Vibe, it is made to be portable. To make this easier, the handle is now part of the sturdy casing.

Vibe 12+ fits active as well as less active users. On the one hand, it is a portable device and on the other hand, it’s easily accessible thanks to the large touch screen and the easy connection of your switches. You can also opt for wheelchair mounting (DaeSSy or REHADAPT). With the updated table stand, you can also place the Vibe 12+ on the table in the most ergonomic way possible.

Vibe 12+ is portable and very powerful because of its Intel i5 processor. Thanks to the larger 13-inch high-resolution screen, cells are more visible and are a bigger target to access. Besides, there are 2 built-in ports for scanning, so you can directly access with one or two switches. In addition, the integrated infrared module makes environment control possible. Texting and calling is also possible when you connect your Vibe 12+ with a smartphone.

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