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Mobi 3

The high specification talking technology device and accessible PC that combines mobility and performance in an elegant way. Standard features include Mind Express 4 and Windows 10, making Mobi 3 a total solution that allows users to communicate via text or symbols – directly from person to person, via the Internet or by phone.


Power and design

The Mobi 3 is equipped with a large 4:3 12” display that automatically adjusts its brightness for the ambient light level. The Mobi 3 includes the ability to control appliances at home, send text messages and make telephone calls via the internal phone option.


Two versions are available: capacitive touch screen version activated by finger press and resistive touch screen version activated by any object, fingernails, stylus etc. Mobi 3 is compatible with eye gaze devices from Alea, Eyetech DS, Tobii & LC.


Mobi 3 is passively cooled so no noisy fans. Furthermore, both WiFi and Bluetooth are integrated.



Mobi 3 can be turned on with an external switch but also by touching the screen. This feature prolongs the autonomy of the built-in battery substantially. The Mobi 3 standard battery provides sufficient power for a whole day.  




Intel Pentium Quad-Core 1,6 - 2,5 GHz, 250GB Sold State HD, 4GB RAM


12 inch XGA (1024 x 768) wide-view, high-bright LED display, resistive or capacitive touchscreen


2 switches, 2 USBs


Digital amplified stereo, headphone socket, integrated microphone


Windows 10 Enterprise met Mind Express 4


RealSpeak (Nuance) or BrightSpeech (Acapela)


1.85KG (2 KG capacitive version)

Standard battery life

8 hours (continuous music video)

Smart 3

The Smart is the smart solution to communicate anywhere, quickly and efficiently. This small portable communication device, with its clear and distinct voice output, can go anywhere. The Smart was designed for people with an active lifestyle.

Light, flexible, easy to use
The Smart is a very lightweight pocket-sized device. It combines excellent sound quality with a bright screen. The graphic communication program based on Mind Express 4, is a user friendly and versatile solution. Communication Vocabularies can be created and edited on the actual device or on a PC. The Smart uses text and symbol-related communication.

Ease of operation
The 4.3” screen has a high resolution providing an excellent view from all angles. The Smart is controlled by a finger or stylus. The settings of the touch screen can be adjusted by specifying the actuation and travel times to suit the user.

Display   Bright 4.3” WVGA touch screen
Audio   Integrated stereo speakers
Software   Windows Mobile + Mind Express 4
Speech output   BrightSpeech (Acapela)
I/O   1 USB port OTG
Weight   12 oz or 250 g

Tellus i5

The Tellus i5 is our newest member of the Tellus family. A perfect match between reliable functionality and attractive design. The Tellus i5 has integrated eye tracking, resulting in an all-in-one solution for users who rely on their eyes to communicate, to work with a computer or to control the environment. Intel i5 processor and Windows 10 based, ready to run various software programs, but especially built to take the best out of Mind Express. 


Vibe is the showpiece for active users. Its practical size makes this lightweight device a highly portable communication tool. With an integrated display at both the front and back, we can speak of a unique device in the field of augmentative communication

The front consists of the familiar 10" touchscreen, which makes it a very practical size. The internal second display on the back makes it easier to communicate in a natural way. Face-to-face communication with friends, family and carers becomes more natural. Also, powerful speakers have been integrated in the modern design, making it easy to understand what you are saying. Text messaging is also possible when linked to an Android phone (*).

The handy size of the Vibe makes it a portable communication tool for active users. Vibe is an excellent platform for mature and modern communication page sets such as PODD and SCORE. 

Autonomy 24 hours (normal use, with default settings)
9 hours (intensive use, continuous audio and video playback)
Size L 25.2 cm x W 18 cm x D 1.5 - 4 cm
H 7.1 in x W 9.9 in x D 0.6 - 1.6 in
(10" screen)
Weight 800 gr
1.76 lbs
Control - Touchscreen (finger)
- (adapted) Mouse
- Joystick
Text messaging   Yes, although some phones may not be suitable for this feature (*).
Internet access   Yes
Included - Camera
- Webcam
- Second display
- Windows 10
- Mind Express software
- USB-C hub

Zingui 2

The new Zingui is faster, lighter and slimmer. Zingui 2 has an 8” touch screen and a modern, sleek and robust design. It has top-quality recording and playback features. This speech device is easy to use. Take it wherever you want with the handy in-use case. The Zingui has a high capacity battery and can be used all day long.

Display 8” WVGA, high brightness, capacitive touch screen
Audio Digital audio, integrated stereo speakers, high recording quality, headphone jack
Software Mind Express 4
Speech output  BrightSpeech (Acapela)
Weight 1 lbs 14 oz or 850 g
Dimensions  LxWxD: 218,5 x 138,5 x 23,2 mm
I/O USB port, WebCam, IR environmental control, 2 switch inputs for scanning, programmable switch

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