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Tellus 6 and i6

Tellus 6 and i6

The Tellus 6 is a package deal. As always in the Tellus series, our communication device also meets your expectations for a high-end device. A powerful platform without compromising on speed nor sound. So, what should a communication device do? Right, make sure you are heard, going loud. The Tellus' soundbox is designed to produce a full sound. Even in a busy environment, you can be heard. Additionally, thanks to the collaboration with Intel, we optimized its dimensions and drastically reduced the weight of the device.

The Tellus 6 is designed for every access method. Do you use eye gaze? The latest Tobii eye tracker technology is seamlessly integrated into the Tellus i6. Apart from this, Tellus 6 and Tellus i6 are identical twins.

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