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Handi-Lift, Inc.

Handi-Lift, Inc.

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Custom Enclosure Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Custom Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) offer a versatile solution when aesthetics are a priority.

Handi-Lift, Inc. will assist in the design of the enclosure to complement the design of your building. We provide custom, site specific shop drawings and coordinate the installation details with the other trades. The result is a beautiful, serviceable, and reliable wheelchair lift that is an asset to the space, not an eyesore.

The VPL comes in three basic configurations: Factory Enclosed, Custom Enclosed, and Unenclosed. Each can be customized to match your specific needs and decor, both indoors and outdoors. We can customize the platform or build a unique lift from scratch. Custom enclosure construction styles include simple sheetrock and metal studs, millwork, and architectural metal and glass. The enclosure only has to extend to 42" above the upper landing and end users prefer this open design to the closed-in feeling of a full height solid runway. Custom enclosure wheelchair lifts are often used in commercial applications.

Heavy Duty Vertical Platform Lift

When your accessibility challenge is to travel 10-14 feet and you need a lift that can take heavy use, you may want to specify the heavy duty vertical platform lift with tall sides and a non-load bearing top. 

Raising the sides and adding a top enables us to use more robust drive systems and also to provide the end user a quieter, faster, and a solid ride similar to the private residence elevator.

Before jumping to the LU/LA (limited use, limited application) elevator, consider the HD VPL.  You will still need a machine room but that space can be quite small.


Home Elevators

Home elevators are now affordable and allow people with mobility impairments to move freely from floor to floor. The elevators can be customized to meet your personal style and budget. Many builders are already specifying a home elevator in new residential construction because home elevators increase property value and enable retirees to stay in their home rather than having to move.

LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA stands for Limited Use/Limited Application.  The LU/LA elevator is basically a small commercial elevator.  The controls momentary pressure, not continuous pressure like a wheelchair lift. The entrances are normally two speed automatic sliding doors just like a full commercial elevator.  The 'limitations' are 25' of travel; 30 fpm; 1400lb capacity and 18 sq. ft. of floor space.

The benefit of the LU/LA elevator over a full commercial elevator is the space and cost savings.  Overtravel and pit depth are much less than a full commercial elevator saving construction costs of a deep pit or roof penetration. You also save floor space and power consumption.

The benefit of the LU/LA elevator over a vertical wheelchair lift is the increased capacity. If you need a heavy duty accessibility solution that everyone can use, not just the mobility impaired, then the LU/LA may be the answer.

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