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LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA stands for Limited Use/Limited Application.  The LU/LA elevator is basically a small commercial elevator.  The controls momentary pressure, not continuous pressure like a wheelchair lift. The entrances are normally two speed automatic sliding doors just like a full commercial elevator.  The 'limitations' are 25' of travel; 30 fpm; 1400lb capacity and 18 sq. ft. of floor space.

The benefit of the LU/LA elevator over a full commercial elevator is the space and cost savings.  Overtravel and pit depth are much less than a full commercial elevator saving construction costs of a deep pit or roof penetration. You also save floor space and power consumption.

The benefit of the LU/LA elevator over a vertical wheelchair lift is the increased capacity. If you need a heavy duty accessibility solution that everyone can use, not just the mobility impaired, then the LU/LA may be the answer.

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