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All of us at Forbes AAC and Forbes Rehab Services, Inc. are here because we have a passion to help people overcome challenges, to break down walls and lift one another up. We love what we do and always strive to always do better.


We are dedicated to the success of every individual that uses the products we have provided for them. Because we are driven to provide products that perform in the real world, we have gone to great lengths to make the most durable, reliable and easy to use products on the market today.


Enable Eyes Module

The Enable Eyes module provides eye tracking tools designed for complete and independent access to your WinSlate™ AAC device.  Entries that would otherwise be made by hand, mouse or keyboard are easily emulated with the user's eyes by simply looking at icons on the control bar. When not in use, the control bar is automatically hidden, allowing for full use of your AAC software.

The Enable Eyes module provides:
   • Selection tools: Left or right click, click and drag
   • Selection methods: Blink, dwell or switch click
   • Automatic scrolling: Scrolls page content up or down
   • On-screen keyboard: For fast, predictive typing
   • Zoom tool: For accessing small targets
   • Display control tools: For resizing and positioning

The Enable Eyes module consists of the latest generation of algorithms, software, and hardware to offer a superior experience for users, with fast acquisition and reacquisition of the eyes to make use easy for those who have a lot of head motion. Its reliable and accurate eye tracking technology is suitable for users of any ability level in any environment, and its compact, low-power design keeps all processing separate from your device so your AAC software will not be slowed down.

ProSlate 10D

Meet the newest version of the ProSlate 10D. It's more rugged and durable than its predecessor yet, has a smaller foot print and weighs less. With its modern and streamlined good looks, it is dust and splash resistant and all the computing power users need. The new ProSlate 10D can run almost any AAC app on the market using iOS based software. Utilizing the accessories that are included, it's designed for all levels of accessibility and a user-friendly experience.  

?The removable SoundPOD™ can be permanently attached to the device or worn around the neck, optional, durable keyguards make selection easy, and the FlexABLE® handle gives users total control over the device's position. Available in four sophisticated colors, the rugged case lets users make the right color choice and keep their device safely protected. Even if some accidental damages occur, the ProSlate 10D has the best warranty in the industry. That’s another reason why the ProSlate 10D is one of the most highly recommended AAC devices available today.

ProSlate 13D

Big and accessible, the ProSlate 13D offers the largest screen size in the ProSlate™ series, nearly 13 inches, while weighing only 3.6 pounds. It works best with higher density AAC apps using iOS software, and the included accessories designed for all levels of accessibility make the ProSlate 13D easy to use for everyone. Users with dexterity issues will delight in the size of the targets on the ProSlate 13.


The removable SoundPOD™ can be permanently attached to the device or worn around the neck, optional durable keyguards make selection easy, and the FlexABLE® handle gives you total control over the device's position. Available in two colors, the rugged case is all business and keeps your device protected at the same time.

ProSlate 4D

It’s never been more true that great things come in small packages. Weighing only one pound, the ProSlate 4D is the most portable device in our ProSlate™ series and is perfect for on-the-go text-based communication. It optimally runs any AAC app on the market using iOS software, and the included accessories make the ProSlate 4D easy to use for everyone. 

ProSlate 8D

The ProSlate 8D is the perfect middle ground between size and portability. With an eight-inch screen and weighing only 1.6 pounds, you get the best of both worlds. It optimally runs any AAC app on the market using iOS software, and the included accessories designed for all levels of accessibility make the ProSlate 8D easy to use for everyone.


Now your voice output can come directly from you, not your device.  

Unlike traditional AAC speaker design, our SoundPOD can be concealed under clothing. This creates a more natural speaking experience, as communication partners will look at the AAC user instead of at the device.

?The SoundPOD can be attached to the provided neck lanyard and worn, or it can be magnetically docked to the back of the device. If you do not want the SoundPOD to be removable, simply attach a fastener to create a more traditional structure.

  • Provides loud audio output to make your voice heard in any situation, while maintaining clarity at all volume levels
  • Easily temporarily docks to device using magnetic attachments and alignment guides, or can be permanently fastened to the device
  • Wirelessly connects to device with Bluetooth technology
  • High capacity lithium ion battery, so it can be used without draining power from the device
  • Large, easy to access buttons for those without fine motor skills

WinSlate 11D

The most streamlined and lightweight device in the WinSlate™ series, the WinSlate 11D has a 10.8" display and weighs only 3.2 pounds.  Incredibly easy to transport, the WinSlate 11D is ideal for clients whose vision and access method allow for use of a smaller screen. Access method options include, but are not limited to, direct access with or without custom keyguards, optical or gyroscopic headmouse, switch scanning or eye tracking.

WinSlate 12D

Meet the NEW WinSlate 12 with the Adapta multifunctional hub! With its tough, rugged case and Corning® Gorilla® Glass,FlexABLE® it is ready for any real world use. Computing power is from the Microsoft Surface®, with the PixelSense display, so it's easy to stay current with updates and the latest features. The modular, sleek design allows users to remove and change auxiliary methods and keep the contemporary appearance.


We listened very closely to SLPs and clinicians and established a strict design goal; prevent snags, 'hangups', breakage and to protect the device and users. Using the Adapta multifunctional hub attached to the back, we kept the minimal footprint and provided channel ways to conceal and secure cables and create better ways to utilize multiple USB ports. It also comes complete with an integrated IR control!


The NEW WinSlate 12 with the Adapta multifunctional hub, comes with the all the innovative things you have come to expect from Forbes AAC. Each WinSlate arrives with the patented FlexABLE® Handle and Stand, that requires no fine motor skills to position, and, on the back, a powerful SoundPOD™ wearable speaker that can be worn by the user thanks to a lanyard or even placed in another room next to and spouse, caregiver or parent. It can come with the optional, newly reengineered TRU-Hold™ Keyguard, custom manufactured to any AAC application. It's just three pounds, or 3.4  with optional Enable Eyes eye tracking module. The new WinSlate is ready to use on the table or desk to or an be easily attached to a mount system. Users can utilize alternative access method options like direct access with or without custom keyguards, optical or gyroscopic headmouse, and switch scanning.


WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes

The WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™ incorporates cutting-edge eye tracking technology to provide access to all that Windows 10 has to offer, including computer use, environmental control and use of social media platforms*. The Enable Eyes® module and onscreen control bar let you easily emulate all mouse entries, including left and right click, drag, scroll and zoom, using only your eyes.

The state-of-the-art eye tracker features superior motion tolerance, making it a great fit for users who may have been unsuccessful with other eye tracking devices. Users enjoy lightning-fast performance on a streamlined platform weighing only 3.4 pounds. As with other devices in the WinSlate™ Series, the WinSlate 12D Enable Eyes incorporates Forbes AAC’s proprietary WinSlate Dashboard™, CoreWord™ language system, FlexABLE® Handle and Stand and SoundPOD™ wearable speaker.

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